Monsieur Baby's Halloween costume is here!

If I had to choose one Anglo-Saxon tradition that is a must in our household and has been for many years, it would be Halloween. It is the most fun holiday ever and I just love how it's a whole family affair, from the trick-and-treat afternoons with the children to gothic grown-ups only spooky parties.

Of course as the official Nappy Valley of London, Fulham is very animated on Halloween, with lit pumpkins dotting the streets to indicate homes where there are glucose-filled treats... in fact last year I had bought some high quality chocolate goodies from a high-end store near the office, and apparently they ran out so quickly that Hubby Dearest was told off for keeping the pumpkin lit in our porch (apparently that's not a decoration, it's an indication you have sweets to give... here's a mistake we won't be making again!)

I also have always loved dressing up, so it's no surprise that I've gone quite far to try and find the perfect costume for Monsieur Baby to wear this year... After last year's black cat (he was scrumptiously adorable in it, but it doesn't fit anymore) I've decided to channel the Mulberry AW 2012 collections and go for a Where The Wild Things Are theme.

Once more, I've turned to an American website to source this, seeing as the options in the UK are either monstruous-looking or simply filled with so much polyester they are horribly scratchy (not to menion they are a real fire hazard, a problem with so many candles around on Halloween!)

Instead I logged on to Pottery Barn Kids in the US and ordered this adorable Max costume (see how adorable the little model is wearing it, that's what I'm going for...). It's entirely lined in soft cotton fabric which is making the overall and headpiece comfortable to wear. They sell and ship to the UK in less than a week, and when the costume arrived I was beyond excited at how soft and cute it is.

The only issue is... As a lover of costumes I was naturally expecting any offspring of mine to be crazy about dressing up, right? Well, not so. Monsieur Baby is adamant he won't wear the headpiece... I've tried coaxing him by making his papa wearing it, but all I get is a little frown and a head move that is very clear: he will not wear such a ridiculous attire! Oh well, I guess we have a couple of weeks to convince him!

Here is a linke to this gorgeous costume: Baby Where The Wild Things Are costume... Tell me, what are you dressing as for Halloween? and how about your little ones?


Pam said...

Monsieur Baby is the most adorable little thing I've ever seen--well, at least since my own Monsieur Baby was that age :). _Where the Wild Things Are_ is one of my favorite children's books.

Anonymous said...

@Pam, I realise I may have created a confusion... The picture is of the adorable sweet model baby who is on Pottery Barn's website diligently wearing the full costume, my own little monster won't even wear the headpiece long enough for me to take a picture! But he is quite adorable nonetheless!
LittleS from blackberry... Xxx

Elle from Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

He loos amazing! wonderful costume, I dressed mine in an Xmas Pud outfit last Christmas!

LittleS said...

Sounds adorable Elle!

Fashion for the rest of us said...

I always have a dilemma about what to wear when I bring my son trick-or-treating!