Nail art for beginners... OPI Nail Apps in Floral

For years I've tried to convince my regular manicurist to go for something a bit more daring than a simple full nail polish or the ubiquitous and frankly quite boring french, but I've never even been able to convince her to try a half-moon manicure... However, this season, nail art is having a major moment, if you believe the fashion shows, red carpet reports and blogs, and I'm not going to let my big chance at having fun with my nails go by without trying it out! In fact, you could say I'm taking matters in my own hands.

As you can see, I'm not really starting with the deep end, instead I've gone for a shimmery grey and black floral pattern, but before you think I've suddenly developed some micro-art skills let me reassure you: these are nail wraps!

What are nail wraps you ask? Basically, they are little nail polish pre-designed stickers that you apply straight onto clean nails, before filing them to the shape of your nail, no drying time required, no two coats versus one coat dilemma. Remember when I tried Minx a while ago (read about it here), well this is the same technique, only no need to visit the salon to get it done. 

Now a bit about the design: this is called Floral by Opi Nail Apps, you can order it online from Lena White, which stocks the largest and coolest range I could find on the Internet. As you can see the design looks matt on the website's pictures, it's not, there is a distinct metallic look to it, but frankly it doesn't disturb me, I like it!

As you can imagine I've ordered some other designs, so I'll be posting some pics here for you to see (and here's to hoping my application capacities will improve significantly as this is not looking as perfect as I'd like...)

PS: I'm beyond thrilled my mani got picked up by the Grazia team for their manicures of the week spread! Check it out: Manicure Monday.

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