Sunday's special cold-fighting tea break

It's a fact of my life that I get quite ill around this time of the year... it's a combination of colder weather, increased levels of stress and a stupid travel schedule which means I'm not eating as healthily as I would at my desk and that I'm giving my body less sleep than it actually needs. And of course, I get hit the hardest during the week-end (what's the fun in being sick during the week when I'm "needed" for endless conference calls, eh?) and this Sunday my throat has been acting up, keeping me away from any fun and games outside with Monsieur Baby: I'm feeling quite sorry for myself.

But of course I hate anything that resembles a medicine and frankly if I took all the drugs doctors would like me to take due to what they call "my weaker composition and hectic lifestyle", my bags would need to be much bigger and I'd be arrested at customs at least once a week. No, thank you!

Instead, over the last few years, I've developed a few coping habits to continue with my day-to-day when I'm feeling slightly under the weather... One of them is my special tea mix, a little drink that always helps when my throat is starting to feel sore.

It includes a little bag of Mariage Frères Ruschka tea (the only tea worth drinking in bags, as the little cotton muslin pockets don't spoil the tea flavour with a papery taste), a black tea infused with citrus fruit and which feels amazing on its own. During the summer this is the one of the teas I use to make iced tea, much to the delight of anyone visiting our house!

I mix it in with the juice of half a lemon for the Vitamin C and some cactus honey which is produced by my uncle in Morocco, and has a soothing power far superior to the honey I find in London supermarkets... Sometimes if I have a fever I'll add in a spoon of brandy to bring the temperature down. I'm sure this is nowhere as strong as taking some nasty chemicals from the pharmacy but honestly it tastes 100 times better and at least I know what goes in it, ... oh that and of course nobody will wonder why I have some tea bags in my handbag when I travel!

Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you're feeling healthier than me!


bodie said...

So sorry you're not feeling well-I just hate having a sore throat, so I'll make a note of your recipe for future use.
Hope you feel better soon; try and get as much rest as is possible with your hectic lifestyle.

Elle from Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Interesting post, will look at the tea. The honey sounds good too, I was recommended (by Balance Clinic, Kings Rd) to always have some Manuka honey the highest strength. I always catch whatever cold is going around, Amanda recommended high strength dissolvable Vit C too taken in high dose for short term help.

I still catch everything though!, get well soon, Elle x

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies for your kind words. My throat is already feeling much softer, a good thing seeing as I have six client meetings tomorrow.

@Elle, thanks for the tip on Vit C, I take hot water with lemon night and day but maybe this could help as well!

Pam said...

I hope you're feeling better soon. I believe one can buy empty teabags from Mariage Freres (or other fine teas houses).

LittleS said...

Thanks Pam, you can indeed, but for easy go everywhere pre-filled tea bags these are my pick! xx