Thursday's steal vs. splurge

Once more, life got in the way of my blogging, so my usual Wednesday recessionista feature is one day late, I apologise! It's just that I've had to travel to Helsinki (which is incredibly far by the way!) and between preparing for the trip and catching up with Monsieur Baby for a few minutes this evening this is the first time I've been able to come here and write.

This week's steal vs. splurge is dedicated to minimalistic totes... which look amazing with a simple week-end look or for a day out shopping with baby in tow. Now, I love a handbag, and it's true that I have quite a little collection, but let me state this: paying four digit prices for a simple unlined leather tote seems a bit foolish in my opinion. For a handbag to be worth its weight in hard-earned cash, it needs to be a bit more elaborate than the leather version of a supermarket brown bag, sorry.

Especially when the high street have such great versions at far more affordable prices! Take a look below...

I love bi-colour versions of this style, and my personal favourite is the one on the left, by Mango, at £79.99; love the black and ox-blood combo! For a more casual version the middle one, by H&M, will cost you just £14.99 and will look fabulous with a denim and shirt look.

Or go mid-way to an investment and select this gorgeous Cala & Jade, on the right, which at £245.83 will be with you for a long while after this season.

Have a good evening everyone, I'm off for some well-deserved zzz after my trip!


bodie said...

I often wonder how on earth you manage to do so much travel, keep the home fire burning, AND look so chic! Yet you seem to achieve all this and manage to come up with goodies for us to drool over each week.
I think you must be an expert in time management- well done!

LittleS said...

Thanks bodie!! Definitely puts a smile on my face after quite a grudging week!

sam@violetandroselondon.com said...

Gorgeous bags - Fabulous hunting as always thank you!