Wednesday's steal vs. splurge

This one has been a long time coming... Already last year, just before Christmas, I was admiring the Kitty flats from a distance (read my lusting post here), but sadly the little elves decided to bring me other presents and I never ended up getting them. One of the reasons was I didn't know if I could pull smoking slippers, I felt it was a bit too cool for me.

Fast-forward a couple of seasons, and said Kitty Flats are absolutely smoking hot everywhere, with celebrities and fashionistas tripping over eachother (even without heels!) to get a pair. And of course I've continued to dream about these little feline babies and now I want to get my own pair!

So, what's a girl to do, I called the brand's customer service, who very efficiently helped me find a pair in size 37, and delivered them almost immediately to me, only to find out that they are too big, so they have to go back for a smaller size, which is sold out until next delivery... Argh! I feel my eyes prickling with frustration.

In the meanwhile, guess what, there are plenty of lookalikes in the high street, here's only three of them:

Of course my favourites are still the Charlotte Olympia ones, with their gold embroidery, gold heel and sublime almond eyes on the kitties, but they are a little investment at £465.

If you're on a tighter budget, then you can look at the Boohoo pair, for just £18 or the ones at Missguided, at £23.99... however in my opinion the best ones in the high street are by Blink at ASOS,  they even have the gold thread embroidery and are reduced down from £40 to £28 at the moment!


Elle from Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

They are cute! no wonder you were keen to find a pair!

I keep considering Penelope Chivers - need to try them on! Elle x

Anonymous said...

Love these so much! How would you style them?

Rachel x

LittleS said...

@Elle, I've made them promise they would call me the minute the 36.5 comes in! Fingers crossed!!
@Rachel, for the week-end: black jeans, a cashmere knit, and a little rabbit jacket, for everyday: a little tunic dress and some opaque tights... so many possibilities!

Jordan Parks said...

Adorable! I felt the same way about these smoking slippers Nordstrom has with mustaches on them, super cute!

Anonymous said...
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