Breakfast in the office: croissants are so last decade!

I have a deep-set fear of so-called breakfast meetings... Worst case, you turn up and there is a pot of dubiously brewed coffee and some lukewarm water on a side-table; best case, the side-table also carries a couple of platters of 100% white carb pastries and some fruit which has evidently never seen a ray of real sunshine in its short life. 

The only good news about a breakfast meeting is it's usually set for 08:00, which is a good hour after my usual work day starts, so I always make time to grab my choice of breakfast beforehand. Instead of white flour, limp coffee, and concentrate orange juice, I go for fresh, strong brew and organic fruit and cereals. 

Canary Wharf, where I work, boasts not one but two Crussh juice bars in the mall, one conveniently located just under my office building... So really, there are no excuses for me not to have my daily dose of fresh fruit and veg. 

I happen to suffer from a mild food intolerance to gluten, which means I don't get sick, but I get horribly bloated and uncomfortable within hours of eating a croissant or a muffin. I admit, during the week-end it's hard to resist the gourmet baguettes Hubby Dearest brings in for our family breakfasts, but during the week I really try to stay as far away from refined carbs as possible... It's either that, or my waistline bloats to at least the next size up, not a good look for me as I'm such a lover of nipped-in silhouettes!

Every morning when I'm in London, it's the same routine, I grab a thermos mug of hot water with the juice of half a lemon for a quick detox which I sip during my drive into work... I park about 10 minutes walk away from the office, which allows me a tiny brisk walk every morning, a moment I really enjoy as it's so peaceful and quiet before the bustle of the work day. 

I then walk down to my local Crussh, where I pick up one of their breakfast bowls, usually the Blueberry one, filled with fruits, cereals, and nuts. Add on a large fruit or veg juice (depending if I'm feeling a bit naughty or all nice), and that's a big intake of vitamins right there. They have loads of juice and smoothie recipes, however they can also blend to your requirements, so sometimes when I want a dash of fresh sunshine to ward off the London grey, I ask for a simple orange and carrot juice. Yum! 

Next stop, Starbucks, not for one of their sugar-filled whipped cream topped novelty drinks, which I never understood the attraction of. At 07:00 there is a massive queue, which is another reason why I love my drink of choice: a simple black drip house-blend coffee, which is given to me right at the till (so I cut the queue of the other elaborate drinks!) and which I pay quickly with my Starbucks card. 

I take everything upstairs and start tackling emails and Bloomberg news as the rest of my team slowly stumbles into the office, and my fresh and healthy breakfast certainly contributes to making the start of my day that tiny bit better!

How about you? Do you have breakfast at home or in the office? What's your breakfast of choice?


Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Yum! I like the look of this, will check them out.

I like "Eat" for the soups and in summer frozen yoghurt with fruit for a quick snack.. Elle x

madeco said...

Very good choice ! For breakfast I have oatmeal with milk and fruit since I came back from the Us this summer + tea (black and strong, whithout sugar) ...So, I'm not hungry til lunch ( that works, really !) XX

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies for your tips!

hind said...

Very controversially, I have just decided to cut on breakfast (shock horror)!
See I have realised that when I ear breakfast at 8 (being the healthy hearty all english porridge or a naughty croissant), I am starving by 11 and have to fight the urge for a big launch at 12.
When I don't have breakfast, I got to lunch at 12 easy and eat a bunch of vegetables and fruits.
It goes against all the "mainstream" think on nutrition but you know what I am into a quest of what really works for me best and let's see where it takes me....you never know I might just find a wonder diet and go on to write a best selling book and retire forever ....or not :)
bisous bisous

LittleS said...

:) I think you're right, Hind, it's about what works for you, not the rules. In my case cutting off all refined carbs and dairy from my breakfast has helped me feel much better, and it keeps me sane in the morning: there's an unspoken rule around me that nobody should ask me anything before I've drank half my coffee and ate a few spoonfuls of breakfast... dragon is a word often heard when people ask what happens before that.

Tabitha said...

Your usual work day starts at 7.00am?
You whizz kid!
Porridge on Sundays and coffee with cream and full fat Fage or a croissant most other days.

LittleS said...

@Tabitha, it does indeed... No rest for the wicked! xx