Christmas outfits (3): Toast the new year like it's 1927!

By now, everyone around me seems to have some fabulous plans for New Year's Eve... In my case, it's going to be a very chilled-out affair, as I found out years ago I don't like to party on set dates.

What I do love, however, is going out to the delis in Courchevel to buy ingredients for a home-cooked meal that Hubby Dearest and I prepare, then settling in with a glass of Champagne, before toasting to the New Year (usually at 22:30, as I'm exhausted from a full day of ski). And then, waking up early on the first day of the year to go enjoy the near empty slopes. Boring for some, but for me it's bliss. And it's been three years since we haven't followed our tradition: in 2010 we were at the Kensington Wing of the C&W Hospital in London gazing at our newborn little tiger with an equal mix of awe and fear, and last year we felt he was too young to go up to the French Alps for a ski holiday.

But this year, I'm thrilled to say we are planning one of our traditional holidays in the Alps with our little munchkin, and I can't wait for the 31st! It's unlikely that I'll be wearing a fancy party dress for the occasion, however for the rest of you party girls, here is a perfect outfit for toasting the New Year in style! I love the retro feel of these pieces, they are bound to make anyone look special and glam for a glitzy party.

Here are the details:
- This blue flapper dress by Jigsaw is bound to be the centre of attention
- Make sure to spark the conversation with these fairytale courts, Charlotte Olympia
- Cover up like a princess from another era with this feather wrap, Coast
- No need for glitter, two retro hair clips is all you need for a dazzling do, Accessorize
- Retro clasp bracelet, Banana Republic UK
- Finish off your look with a shimmery clutch, L.K. Bennett


Food, Fash, Fit said...

I REALLY want a flapper dress! I feel like by the time I get around to finding the perfect one (for the right price!) they'll be out of the shops. But the trend seems to have been around for a few years now, so who knows!

madeco said...

Whaouh ! I love this style ... It sounds like Downtown Abbey (the last season of course)!Have a good week ! XX