Christmas shopping: (1) Hubby Dearest

With work and life in general being totally hectic, it's fair to say my usual uber-organised Christmas shopping routine has gone to water... Time to catch up, pronto! Otherwise everyone will get vouchers for Christmas, yuk!

This year I'm doing my Christmas series of posts by family member, and let's start with the one who spoils me so for the past 11.5 years... Hubby Dearest. Here are just a few of the fabulous gifts in my list of possibles for him (important to keep them guessing, isn't it?!), maybe that will inspire you as well?

Clockwise, from top left:
- This ASOS skinny velvet tie would be the perfect accessory on Christmas eve;
- Get him a cool and delicious smelling perfume, Mr Marvelous by Byredo;
- Prefer something more classic? These mother of pearl cufflinks by Lanvin are fabulous;
- If you married a tech-obsessed geek, how about this leather Ipad case, at Burberry Brit;
- Make sure he gets to all your all-important dates on time, watch by 88 Rue du Rhone;
- Every wonderful Hubby needs a wonderful holdall like this one, by Hackett;
- How about some badass smoking slippers by Alexander McQueen?
- "Savile Row: The Master Tailors of British Bespoke, buy from The Book Shop at Selfridges...

Have you started, or even finished (cringe!), your Christmas shopping? What's on your list? xxx

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