It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

As you've probably figured out, I have fine straight hair... Whilst hairdressers have insisted that it is not so bad and that at least I don't need my hair straightened out (sweet liars just trying to lift my spirits, short of lifting my roots!), I know that it is a curse: even after a visit to the salon, my hair manages to look good at best four hours, after that, it's back to limp limp limp! So frustrating!

So for me, the whole idea of spending a whole evening at a party with my hair loose in gorgeous just-done curls is, at best, a fantasy... The reality is that as soon as I have to re-apply lipgloss, it's time to pull my hair off my face in some (hopefully) artful bun to avoid the flat look.

Thankfully, there are many options away from the boring black ties you can find at the chemist, and I fell in love with these hair ties which can just as easily be worn on the wrist whilst my hair still looks presentable... They come in loads of colour combinations, and I just love these festive gold and sparkly ones, they're sure to see me through the party season!

Find them here: Hair Ties by Anthropologie

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