It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Every year, it's the same ritual, Hubby Dearest asks for my letter to Santa and then, magically, around the beginning of November, the reindeers deliver my little pressie. And then I wait very patiently until Christmas to see it... errr scrap that, see what used to happen is that as soon as I'd have a hint that my treat had been delivered, I would leave no chair or sofa unturned until I'd found the box, and opened it. I'm a horrible giftee (if that's even a word), I simply cannot wait. Same usually happens for my birthday and anniversary gifts. It's quite pathetic, I know, but I have the patience of a firefly, there is no helping it!

So this year, Hubby Dearest tried a different approach: my pressie arrived on Friday and he litterally gave it to me there and then, and I was the happiest cinderella in the land, for he had found me a pair of Charlotte Olympia Kitty 110 pumps, in lucky blue, a new season colour that's not even in the shops yet (he is quite clever, isn't he?) Look at these beauties, I've photographed them in every possible angle they're so perfect.

The moment I took a glimpse at these gorgeous little things I knew it would be impossible to put them back in the box for a repeat unveiling in six weeks' time... na-a-a, these ones are coming straight to my walk-in closet for me to admire every morning and wear asap!

You might wonder why I chose navy instead of the more classic black? A couple of reasons.First I have tons of black shoes and, though these little feline are truly unique (those little whiskers are fab, don't you think?) I felt I needed them to feel even more special. Second, I needed some closed shoes which would look amazing for a black tie do with my Beulah Sarai midnight dress, these will be ideal... and finally because the black ones are just a little bit more ubiquitous and I thought, well, I prefer being slightly different!

Think I've spoiled Christmas for myself? Not really... see, I am enjoying just looking at them every opportunity until then and after, and I know that I'll have a mini celebration everytime I wear them. They are magical, I tell you! Want a proof? Just look at the sparkle that surrounds the box... Tells you all doesn't it?

Want to get your paws on a pair as well?

MONDAY UPDATE*** They have just arrived on the website for online sales, and right now most sizes look available. Will you be quick enough though? Here is the link: Gorgeous Kitty 110 shoes in blue.
Wishing you all a great week... xx


bodie said...

Oh my, aren't you a lucky girl? They are stunning, and such a change from black.
Can't wait to see what outfits you create with theses little beauties!
Can you please post a photo of the Black tie oufit?

Pam said...

What a wonderful Santa you have! Congratulations on many levels, dear LittleS! May you have many purr-fectly lovely times wearing them.

frifri63 said...

major congrats on your score! And what a hubby you have. Really, I can't even imagine my DH going through any trouble for my Santa pressie, bah!
Those shoes are so special, can't wait to see how you style them:)

Mona P said...

Perfect Christmas present! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I look forward to seeing how you style your outfits around them!

And the deep navy color looks so luscious, much better than black in my opinion!

sam@violetandroselondon.com said...


LittleS said...

Thank you ladies, I still can't believe how lucky I am that I own these beauties... I'm definitely going to take them out this week and will, work permitting, take pictures for you all to judge. xxx

Mree said...

Those shoes are FANTASTIC!!! What a wonderful Hubby you have!!

LittleS said...

Thanks Mree, I feel very lucky :)

Food, Fash, Fish said...

Ah, I love these so much! I'd only seen the flats before, but these are superb!