It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Having a baby has changed a lot about my approach to fashion... As a Mamma I've had to tune my love of spiked and studded accessories down (in fact I sold quite a few of my studded accessories when I figured they were not very practical around a baby), I've learned to reserve sky-high heels to work and dinners out, and prefer much less dizzying heights when I'm with my munchkin. The list of adjustments to my own fashion rule book goes on.

However one rule book I'm still getting my head around and I need to adjust on a weekly basis is Monsieur Baby's, we're still trying to find his style, but what's not helping much is his superfast growing which means we're always buying him new clothes. Last week, I had to order a batch of new jumpers as he'd outgrown most of the ones I bought less than two months ago. What's a Mamma to do...?

Since we're taking him to Courchevel for his first ski holiday (let's hope he takes after his Daddy on this one, otherwise we'll be spending a lot of time on the sledge slope!) I figured it would be most appropriate to order him this very Christmas-y jumper, which is made of an incredibly soft cotton and cashmere mix... It's in a lovely red shade, a colour we've not tried for Monsieur Baby before, usually I buy more grey, navy, taupe and beige for him, but who knows, this might be the start of something good: I know he will look adorable in it with his skiing outfit!

Find it at: Boden, where you'll find loads of truly adorable baby jumpers for the cold days.


Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

I know what what you mean about high heels! A challenge,never worn flats so much in my life!

Gorgeous sweater - love Boden for children and basics

A Little Slice Of said...

Adorable jumper, I'd like one of these in my size!