Nail retrospective... October

Recently, I've become quite obsessed with nail art... In a way it was meant to happen, sooner or later: I love playing with colour and always thought that the simple French mani was, well, a bit safe... I first tried nail art when visiting Thailand, there was this tiny salon on Koh Samui where I got a manicure that made my nails look like the inside of a magical shell, so gorgeous. 

Of course trying to translate the idea of a magical shell look to my usual manicure technician in London just didn't work, she did stare blankly at me and asked once more which colour (single, not plural!) I wanted, and I had to wait a few more years for nail art to migrate over to Central London, and to mean more than the artificial adorned acrylic extensions that you see when you google the term. 

It took a few high-profile nail artists doing some catwalk shows for the past season for the trend to pick up and suddenly my little quirky request isn't so odd anymore. In fact, nail art has been everywhere lately!

Just to name a few from AW 2012: Donna Karan's beige nails with burgundy tips, Alexander McQueen's distressed silver talons, blue houndstooth at House of Holland, Vivienne Westwood's bespoke Minx manis... Alleluiah!

So, what have I been doing with my nails this season? Well, playing with shades, stripes, half-moons, little triangles, and even some nail stickers and jewellery. I visited the lovely ladies at MWNails Spitalfields for a gorgeous half-moon manicure in burgundy and beige in a vintage setting (read my post about it here). I'm totally smitten with this place and will be returning next week, although I haven't quite decided what I would like to do this time... If you have any ideas please let me know!

I also had a mani in the comfort of my own home the other evening, by the lovely Metta of Nails By Mets, who created a gorgeous dark grey design with a light grey holographic sparkle triangle, which you can see above (the crew of Star Trek called, they want Metta's number!)...  I loved the darkness of it all, especially as it got me through to Halloween. Scaryyyy!

And then I decided to give it a try myself... mind you I avoided starting in the deep end and instead of stripes or a motif, I went for a block colour, khaki green which is one of my favourite nail colours for fall (together with deep purple, burgundy, grey and beige, sorry but life is too short to have just one favourite...) But I applied one little gold square on each nail, for a little fun...

Emboldened by that first experience, I tried to mix two of my Chanel shades in a new look... AW 2012's Vertigo (a taupe black, if that makes any sense) and the now classic Particuliere. I like the idea of a dotted line down the middle of the nails, but for this you need a very very steady hand... The dots could have been a little more precise, but bear with me, I'm only a teeny-tiny beginner.

What do you think? Nail art, an interesting trend or a passing fad? In my case it's another fun way to express myself, so long as it's within limits... I'm sure if I turned up one morning sporting an uber-blingy mani with full on crystals, people might be a bit shocked, but then again that's not really my style... 

Have a good Sunday everyone!

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