Wednesday's steal vs. splurge

Animals are everywhere these days... from foxes at the handle of umbrellas to tigers on sweat-shirts, to cats on slippers. If you don't own a piece of clothing or an accessory featuring a little animal motif, preferrably in a child-like design, you're missing out this season!

My favourite animals for this trend are foxes and cats (because I've been obsessed with them even before they came in fashion) and, a rather new one for me, owls. But ever since I saw the Burberry Prorsum intarsia owl knit jumper, I've been dreaming of getting my greedy claws on my own little Hedwig knit. But, for me, spending around £800 on a knit top which is really trendy and not a classic is not a smart option (in fact I can think of many smarter ways to spend that money: send Monsieur Baby to swimming classes for months, buy 32 sessions at Heartcore for me, order that gorgeous pair of Miu Miu boots I've been lusting about for weeks etc.)

But, since I still love the little flying beauties, here are my to three finds in a much more affordable category:

From left to right:
- Grey with ribbed hem and cuffsFashion Union, £12
- Beige with a blue-eyed owl, Boohoo, £15
- Camel with two birdies, Nelly, £124.95


A Little Slice Of said...
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A Little Slice Of said...

Sorry, don't know what happened to my comment. Great post! I love your blog and your style, always so appropriate for work but still very feminine. I just started a blog and would love you to check it out...

LittleS said...

Wow, what a cool blog! I love the looks and the simple layout, always the best in my opinion! It goes on my list to read... And girl, you have amazing hair (lucky you!)

A Little Slice Of said...

Thanks so much for visiting! My hair is good when it behaves, but I do have bad days. I have lots more hair tutorials coming soon. I'm following you, would love you to follow me x