Christmas shopping: (2) Monsieur Baby

Monsieur Baby has been having a terrible twos moment for most of Autumn, and in the run-up to Christmas it seems to be getting worse every day; in fact, when some of our friends' toddlers are experimenting with words already, the noise that comes out of him most times is a growl, yes, a growl... So I'm thinking, if only well-behaved children get to receive presents at Christmas, then maybe my little monster should go without pressies this year? Aha,... you know me better than that, of course he's getting loads of gifts this season, after all, Christmas is all about children isn't it? We have all the rest of the year to do upbringing and good behaviour... so here's a few inspiring bits for spirited (I love this term!) toddlers:

Clockwise from top left:
- Monsieur Baby is obsessed with all things wheelie... and this Vilac garage folds into a truck!
- I love these little fair-isle mittens by Tommy Hilfiger;
- This little Elmer snow globe, at John Lewis, should make any toddler squeal with delight;
- "My Good Manners" book, at Not On The High Street, such a cute way to get the main points in...
- Yet another set of Lego duplo, by Lego (we have loads already but he loves them);
- These sneakers are almost too cool for school, Feiyue & Golden Hook;
- Another ski jumper, by Japan Rags

Happy toddler? Let's hope so... at least for a few peaceful moments!


Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...


I must look into Lego duplo!

Know what you mean about terrible 2's and mine is 20 months! I'm sure he has it already, having a coffee in a cafe in peace without tantrum is a challenge, never mind a meal out!

I remember the days when we could haul him in sleeping in his car seat and enjoy a leisurely dinner with him at our sides...not any more!

Wonder how long it lasts.....

sam said...

Those terrible twos last until they are about 21yrs!! No they get better just stroppy about different things :) LOVE the ski jumper xx

LittleS said...

@Elle, Monsieur Baby has his good moments, but it's true that it's a bit challenging right now. I so recommend duplo, my little monster is obsessed with them and plays for hours on end making towers and houses.
@Sam, please don't say that, I was hoping to get a respite from age 3 to 13 :) xxx