Decking the halls, the 2012 series (1)

Christmas is finally at the door, literally... I had been thinking about doing an all white decoration for this year's Christmas. Can you tell I'm making the best of Monsieur Baby's lack of opinion over the decorations still? Last year gold, this year white... let's hope I get to fit it another grown-up theme before he starts demanding multi-coloured tinsel-filled trees!

For our Winter White dream, I wanted to find a special wreath for the door, but instead I decided to take a little challenge and make it myself. I bought an all natural pine wreath from my local garden centre, and loads of little decorations and baubles from a number of online shops. And this is how I started, on Saturday evening:

I had to leave it half-finished to go to a fabulous party on Saturday evening... Magically, a few little elves got up in the night to adorn my wreath and finish the work, until we got this:

I love my wreath, it has baubles, sewed-in snowflakes, little snowy twigs, pearls and even holly branches. I'm ready to tackle the rest of the decorations!

How about you? Are you decorating your house for the holidays? What's your theme? xxx


PoppysStyle said...

Lol - you can see my tree on the blog - with a 4 and 6 year old we have well and truly arrived at the multi colored tinsel stage - not to mention the tacky ornaments - even homemade ornaments - yes I had to craft for the first time ever...We even have a 4ft inflatable Santa outside! The wreath looks gorgeous - I love the simplicity of the white on green.

LittleS said...

Thanks Poppy, let me go over to your site to see what awaits me in a couple of years... :)

Tabitha said...

The wreath is stunning. Mine is red outside and green and white inside.