Decking the halls, the 2012 series (2)

After struggling (a bit, just a bit!) with our Christmas wreath, decorating the mantelpiece in our grown-up living room was virtually a breeze. Last year, we went for a slightly more intricate mix of moss and leaves, and frankly hiding a little bit of cling film under the moss to ensure it didn't stain the white stone underneath was a bit of a nightmare, it seemed to have a will of its own and creep up at the most expected times. Urgh... This year, we kept it simple, with a few branches from the same fir type as our Christmas tree, which we decorated with a few bits and bobs to make it all look a little less rustic...

The snowy branches and frosty pine cones come from an online Christmas shop, and they were so easy to work with, all I needed were a pair of arts and crafts pliers, and a little bit of fantasy (for that, a little cup of champagne is the ultimate inspiration fairy, in my view!)... Of course no mantelpiece of mine could ever be complete without a little candle (or three....) so I added one Diptyque Feu de Bois candle for that special Isba in the middle of the forest feeling, it smells and looks amazing, in my view the best Christmas candle ever... but I also popped a Fragonard Cinammon & Orange candle in one of the new glass candle holders, which I then adorned with some leaves. Interestingly the two fragrances mix really well and create a cozy ambiance, perfect for an evening in. And then, for good measure, I put a non-scented votive in the smaller holder, just to make sure we had enough candles to light up the whole room!

To finish off the mantelpiece, I added my Russian eggs in crystal which are always on display anyways, but look so much more magical mixed in with the greenery of Christmas. Bring on the holidays!

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Ashly-Margaret said...

I love these decorations. Really beautiful! Ashlyxx www.ashlylondon.blogspot.com