Graze: healthy snacking on the go

According to many articles I've read avidely over the years, if you have porridge or multi-cereal for breakfast, then you should not feel the need to snack during the day... Sadly, I must have a more snacky metabolism than most, because in recent months I've started feeling somewhat peckish around 4:00 in the afternoon, on a scaringly recurrent basis as well! So, what are the options?

Option 1, go up to the vending machine on my floor and peruse the wide selection of full fat, full sugar, 10% cocoa chocolate bars and other salt and vinegar crisp bags (clearly the people who are responsible for selecting the products that go in said vending machines are not concerned with employee well-being, as a senior VP in the middle of a 5:00pm sugar crush is not a very nice sight!).

Option 2, go all the way to the mall under the offices downstairs to purchase one of the super healthy fresh juices from Crussh, usually my favourite option. I love a Cactus Detox in the middle of the afternoon or, if I'm feeling a bit naughty, I'll try the Bliss Blend for a bit of TLC. Alas I don't often have time to step downstairs for my fresh blend...

And then, there is Option 3, something I've just started using recently: snack box deliveries by Graze.

Graze is basically a snackbox delivery service, which you can receive as often or as littrle as you choose. It took me just minutes to set up my acocunt, decide to get a weekly box containing four types of snacks, and my first Graze box was with me in a matter of days.

What's my verdict? Pretty good I have to say. First, I don't need to worry about bwhat to snack on, all I need to do is reach into the box to select one of four natural and healthy options: just taking the anxiety of choosing what to munch on whilst reviewing a legal prospectus is a blessing in itself... I can log in to my account at any time to rate the different snacks so I can be sure never to receive things such as the salt and vinegar nut selection (can you see a theme here?) and to get my preferred selection of dried dates and walnuts in the next box or two. I love that I receive a mix of sweet and salty snacks, as I don't always feel like fruits all the time.

I'd worried that the snacks would not be easy to transport but within the cardboard box they come in sealed little packets which are easy to fit in my handbag for my days travelling.

The other good thing about Graze? They give you a special link so your friends can enjoy a free box and try it out for themselves, here it is: Graze FREE box. Enjoy!!

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