Happy new year!

Hello everyone! I've finally returned to the blogosphere, straight from beautiful Courchevel (well, not straight as in directly... more via a couple of days of tummy bug infection for all the family thanks to Monsieur Baby's mingling with other little toddlers on the resort, but what's a few hours of writhing in pain between friends...)

We were there for the holidays and had an amazing time, what with it being Monsieur Baby's first time in the mountain and all: isn't watching little ones experience something for the first time the best feeling ever (of course I don't include fevers, falls and other illnesses in this rather generalist statement)?

Before resuming with my usual ramblings, I want to send you all my best wishes for 2013, hoping that it will bring you all health, happiness, love, friendships, and of course loads of fabulous experiences. May this be the year when our resolutions are kept beyond January 15th, the year we take that special trip, we meet that fantastic new best friend... etc. After all, who said 13 wasn't a lucky number?

My resolutions for 2013? I've decided to focus on doing more things that I enjoy, such as going to the ballet and opera more and travelling more for my own pleasure. That's it. No big promises... oh of course I want to shed that extra couple of pounds picked up in endless holiday celebrations over the last few weeks, but aside from this, I figure I'm too old to delude myself with big transforming resolutions.

There you have it. Happy 2013 everyone! xxx


bodie said...

Happy New Year to you too!
( I hope one of your resolutions is to continue your excellent blog!)

Mree said...

You look fantastic!! Very chic on the slopes!! Happy New Year!!

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

Happy New Year! Hope you had a fantastic break. I still have no idea how you managed to juggle work/blog/family. I'm in awe! Keep up the great job with your fabulous blog.

Tabitha said...

Ha, I'm not deluding myself either! I have no idea how you do the job you do and raise a child, keep a home and blog - oy!

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies, such lovely comments as always. I hope you're having a good January!