The AW2012 sales edit: (1) Coats

Sales... A topic I have quite mixed feelings about. On the one hand, I like a bargain as much as the next fashionista, but on the other I hate the idea of the busy shops during the sales and I haven't been sales shopping physically in years. As much as I am devoted to style, you will never see me waiting in bathed breath for the shops to open on Boxing Day. I'd rather be on holidays!

Thankfully the days of having to traipse to the shops in the cold are forever gone as online shopping brings us amazing finds and great bargains, even well into January in the case of some of the smaller lesser known websites, and that, my dear friends, is exactly where you'll find me these days... And since I love the idea of sharing my finds with you all, here is a small edit of this season's sales.

Coats are a great buy during the Winter sales, as they are less likely to go out of fashion after one season and you'll still get a lot of wear out of them until Spring (regardless of how much brands would like us to think otherwise, sadly warm temperatures are still a good four months away, so stay well away from the new bikini collections and wrap up!). Whilst I usually buy a big investment coat at the very start of the season, for more impulsive buys I tend to wait for the sales, as there are always good pieces left.

Here are my favourite finds of the moment:

1. You can never go wrong with a classic straight cut in grey, and the high collar adds some interest to this one by NO.21 at Avenue 32;
2. I absolutely adore the high waistline of this double-breast coat, by Opening Ceremony at Matches, and I would snap it in an instant if I didn't already have a coat in this colour;
3. The military trend is a recurrent one in coat-land, you can't go wrong with this navy version, by Joseph;
4. This ladylike coat with fur capelet is gorgeous in teal, check it out at Oasis;
5. If you love black outfits in the Winter, this leopard print faux-fur by Mango is bound to add some glamour;  
6. In my view, bouclé coats never seem to go out of fashion, and this one by Tory Burch at My Theresa is simply fab.

Happy shopping all!


PoppysStyle said...

LOVE the Mango coat - always a sucker for leopard print. Unfortunately I rarely get to wear a lovely winter coat - it's going to be 70 degrees here in Atlanta this week - unseasonably warm!

hind said...

Love the leopard one - I missed out on a gorgeous By Marlene Birger last year, I still haven't got over it.
Can you see a trend here though: leopard, fur...oh dear :)

LittleS said...

@Poppy, I would love to have your kind of weather, I miss warm weather in England!

@Hind, yes, there is definitely a trend... fur, animal print, just don't go all Cruella DeVil on us :)! xx