Back with BareMinerals make-up

Once upon a time (in a different life, I believe...), before pregnancy, Monsieur Baby's arrival and before life became a swirling circus of meetings, travel, play dates and dinners, I used to have good skin. In fact, I recall some of the facialists I went to for my regular skin treatments used to say that my skin was excellent and that it really needed very little maintenance. Alas, those days are long gone.

For the past 30 months, I've been struggling in the "glowing complexion" department. First there were the pregnancy hormones and the sun spots that came with them, no matter how much SPF I wore. Then once the hormones were gone I realised they must have helped my skin keep moisturized, as it started looking tight and rather water-deprived. And of course the sleepless nights.

And since then, it's a war between tight dehydrated skin and breakouts! Trust me, I never thought I'd say this past the age of 19... thankfully there are no major wrinkles on sight, else I'd be cursing my skin fairies right now.

But only last month did I realise how silly I'd been throughout these months... I've been experimenting with more make-up options to compensate for my irksome complexion than a Clinique-owned guinea pig... And then I remembered I used to get lots of compliments (and most importantly, much less breakouts!) back when all my make-up was from BareMinerals...

See, it's a 100% minerals based product range, where most of the make-up products are powders which are soft and light and brush on to the skin like creams. I love the Original Foundation (it comes with SPF15) and the Well Rested concealer which has a knack to erase dark circles and redness... and of course the Warmth powder (a dark brown to sculpt shadows) and the Blush are amazing to revive my skin even on days when I've had less than five hours to sleep.

I've been back with the BareMinerals range for about a month, and, what do you know, my skin is starting to look clearer and happier and the compliments are back! All it took was a couple of tubs of powder, and a few sessions of brushing and buffing. Happiness in a powder, I tell you!


hind said...

S- having just finished my weekly routine of deeply moisturising skin, I can only empathise with the post baby skin care dilemmas (worst skin, less time to do anything about it basically).
Luckily I work in Skincare (and have an absolute passion for it) so here are some tips that I find work for me- so I thought I'd pass them on :)
1. Nailing the right cleansing routine. After multiple experimentations, I realised what I need is a super gentle milk cleanser, followed by a gentle toner (both for dry skin despite me probably having more of a combination one) to perfectly cleanser without aggressing my skin
2. Night cream. Finding the right one that is neither too heavy or annoying. Perso, I find my holy graal in a night serum that renews your skin (exfoliates gentle) through the night whilst still giving me that hydrated not too sticky feeling I crave before bed
3. The right moisturiser. My biggest aha is my skin feels like a different moisturiser not every day but almost. I have my capsule collection of my favourite ones and never sway from them) and pick one depending of how my skin feels that day
4. The best tips shared by a beautician - dont touch your skin! I used to touch my face a lot (you know hand on cheek and so on) and it was THE main cause of any spots I had (hands are always filthy no matter how much antibac you spray on them)
Wow - I just wrote an essay here...I guess I really DO care about skin stuff :)
Take care lovely!

LittleS said...

Thanks Hind! I sometimes think we're separated twins, for I apply the same principles (down to the collection of day creams!), though I didn't know about the touch your face thing, I'm about to start working on that, now! xxx

Longuette said...

well, i think food it's also very important for a perfect skin.
when I eat lots of fruit and veggie, when I sleep enough, I see my skin looks much better.
So consider this point together with beauty products. Although with trvalling, work, and a child I believe this can be challenging

Bourbon & Pearls said...

Whenever I use that folk always go on about my skin, it's wonderful, hides a multitude of sins!

Chocolate Cookies & Candies said...

LOL! I totally get what you're saying. I was ALWAYS being IDed which used to annoy me to no end. Now, I would beg checkout operators if they require my ID if I happen to purchase a bottle of wine. I went to a beautician who gave me a reality check of my skin. It was bad.

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll have to pop into Selfridges when I'm next in London to check out the Bare Minerals counter.

LittleS said...

@Longuette, very true!! I need to drink more water!

@Choc Cookies & Candies, ID check is good!!

@Bourbon & Pearls, I totally agree.