Happy Mother's Day me!

Mother's Day is almost upon us... an opportunity for me to reflect on what it means for me to be a mamma. Firstly, there's the overwhelming feeling that my whole perspective on life has changed completely, from willing the planes to fly faster on the way back to London to liking nothing better than snuggling up in bed with Monsieur Baby watching Jake & The Neverland Pirates (it's all about the cuddles!)... Of course, every mother says this.

What yummy and not-so-yummy mummies don't always tell you is that raising children is incredibly hard most days, and it doesn't matter whether you're a full-time mamma or if your child's upbringing is more of a teamwork enterprise (like mine, he he!) From the moment you're sent home with that little bundle of interrupted sleep, the sense of responsibility never leaves you, it's about sleep routine, nursery, choice of school, good manners, good style (very important...), the right playdates, the nurturing without the spoiling etc. The list just keeps on growing.

Thankfully, once a year, motherhood gets celebrated for all that it means, the most blissful feeling of contentment ever from the instant you see your baby, to the frustrating embarrassing moments (cue Monsieur Baby rolling on the ground in Courchevel, adamantly refusing to wear his gloves despite the frigid weather), to the gut-wrenching feeling of wondering if they will survive their first afternoon at nursery (they do). Whether you're a glamourous A-lister, a stay-at-home goddess, a single mom working two jobs to make ends meet, or a boardroom champion struggling to do everything in one day, you are, want it or not, part of a very special league, which, frankly, you only get the rules of once you join. It's the hardest work we'll ever get to do (and I'm not even talking about wiping drool and nappy leaks, that's a whole other level!) but, as far as I'm concerned, it's the best role ever, period. Well worth celebrating... So I say, bring on Mother's Day!

The thing is, with the whirlwind of everyday life, I feel we sometimes forget to celebrate the small easy-looking achievements. Time to celebrate yourselves ladies! This March, I'll start by remembering the big stepping stones we've been through with Monsieur Baby, then I think we'll book a special brunch in a nice place to celebrate with Hubby Dearest and our little munchkin, and then of course there is gifts. Of course I'm sure there will be many pasta necklaces in the coming years and homemade cards that I'll frame and put in the office, but I've also got my eye on a few goodies that are just perfect to remind myself that it's ok that I'm not here all the time, as long as I try to make every minute with Monsieur Baby a time to build memories together and enjoy each other's company.

Here's what's on my list, clockwise from top left:
-  I am a bit obsessed with light neutral shoes... these Isabel peep-toe pumps by Jimmy Choo are totally drool-worthy;
- A little Bespoke Keepsake Box by Anya Hindmarch would be the perfect travel accessory... question is, does it come in grey?
- If you've followed this blog for a while, you know I love monogrammed items, like this fabulous Sarah Chloe initial necklace at Avenue 32... yum!
- I am not very faithful to fragrances, I like to change... and right now I'm in love with Terry de Gunzburg's Flagrant Délice EDP
- I'm a big collector of J.Crew bangles, they look great mixed in with other jewellery.

Happy Mother's Day ladies!

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