A snowy afternoon in Courchevel: Time to visit the Guerlain spa at Cheval Blanc

This week, I’m writing to you from the beautiful ski resort of Courchevel, where we have come for the second time in the season to ensure Monsieur Baby gets his first ski lessons early on (more on that on a later post). Uncharacteristically for late March, it’s been snowing heavily these last couple of weeks, and yesterday especially, after a sunny morning, the weather suddenly turned quite grey and snowy… and, as much as I like skiing, I’m no die-hard aficionada like Hubby Dearest, and I usually take cover at the first sign of a snowflake (ok, one snowflake is alright, but two snowflakes).

Time for the spa, I thought, and what better place to go indulge in some luxurious me time than the most recent arrival in Courchevel’s spa scene, but by far the swankiest and most well connected: I give you, the Guerlain Spa at Cheval Blanc.

I booked a full 1 hour and 50 minutes of a treatment called Blanc Imperial, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, before I tell you about the treatment, here's a little introduction... As soon as I arrived at the spa reception, I was taken to my very own changing room, complete with a walk-in shower and all the products I could think of to get myself ready before and after my treatment. It felt like being transported far from the noise and bustle of Courchevel into a special world filled with serenity and beautiful design (the very high-end kind, of course!) I nestled my jewellery in the lacquered case and tucked my clothes and accessories away, before slipping on one of the robes and the quite oriental-looking slippers (nothing like the ones I’m used to seeing in other hotels). I was ready.

What followed is quite simply one of the best skin and body treatments I have ever had, combining a facial, a massage, and masks on both my face and my tired legs. My therapist had, thankfully, none of the chatter that I find sometimes a bit disturbing in hotel spas, and I was almost nodding off, making up some of the lost sleep I’d accumulated over the last three months. She simply asked what type of massage I liked most, and when I said quite firm she proceeded to unlock every single knot in my body, whilst the masks and balms she applied on my face worked to leave my skin re-hydrated and smooth as a baby’s. My ankles and knees were wrapped in a chilled algae mask at a point, a perfect way to revive them and send any congestion away (question is: where was this treatment when I was 8 months pregnant and 5, yes 5, foot sizes larger than usual?). All the products used are Guerlain (obviously…) and my favourite product was the Orchid Mask (an idea for a birthday, maybe?)

At the end, I was taken to the resting area, where I sipped on a lemon water whilst reclining on a fur covered chaise longue, reading French magazines. By then I was quite ready to check in to the hotel, in fact I would have happily settled for moving into one of the changing "salons", but it was time to leave to go meet with Hubby Dearest and Monsieur Baby and hear all about their afternoons… I bid a nostalgic farewell to Cheval Blanc, until next season!

Blanc Imperial at the Guerlain Spa, Cheval Blanc: €350 for 1 hour and 50 minutes

Guerlain Spa
Hotel Cheval Blanc
Le Jardin Alpin
73120 Courchevel 1850
+33 4 79 23 14 08


PoppysStyle said...

Tough life:) Looks FABULOUS!

Longuette said...

omg.....I have never been to a spa before so I do not know what to expect but darling, this looks like a piece of heaven on earth!
I wish I could try this experience, I need to!!!!
enjoy the holiday

LittleS said...

@PoppysStyle, tough life indeed... It's all about working hard for lovely rewards like this, totally worth it!

@Longuette, you must try a spa, there are loads at every price point, and the experience makes you feel super pampered. xx