It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

I realise that with the year end and the first quarter, I've been incredibly busy, to the point that I haven't been very dutiful about my weekly confession... and yet, with the new season in full swing and so many wonderful new goodies to drool over, well, I have been quite naughty. It's time to revive my confessional sessions, at least this way I'll get to share with you all my wonderful fashion finds, and hear your views on my picks!

This week's fashion confession is about a coup de coeur that started months ago, in fact right at the beginning of Autumn 2012, when I went to pick up my green Hong Kong bag at Milli Millu's studio, only to find the beautiful founder, Mireia, playing with some bags from her upcoming Summer collection. She had just shot the new collection lookbook at the showroom and as I glanced over to the goodies, I was immediately drawn to a sunshine-packed shoulder bag... It's called the Shanghai, and whilst I also love the more classic Cappuccino version, this taupe and yellow mix is right up my colour-blocking street. 

I immediately told Mireia I was desperately in love, and she was very kind to email me the moment it arrived with the new season... and to wait for me as I fought London's peak time traffic to go and pick it up on the way home from Canary Wharf. See she is that kind of founder, the kind that cares for her clients and doesn't mind waiting for them in the evening, even though she is a busy mamma herself ... in fact Milli Millu is so popular now she could easily afford to have one of her assistants deal with this type of business, but not so. I love her simplicity and caring approach to business, to me always a sign of great things to come. 

I have to say the bag is stunning in person, it has amazing proportions and the light gold metal details are the perfect complements to the bright yellow blocks (the chain can be tucked inside for a streamlined clutch look). I also love that the colour is bright sunny yellow, not neon, making it a sure classic for seasons to come.

You can order it here: Shanghai by Milli MilluCan't wait to take this baby for a walk... watch this space!

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