Mother's Day breakfast at The Delaunay

As I painfully found out last Wednesday, making a reservation for Mother's Day brunch in London can be somewhat of a challenging exercise, at least if you want something a bit out of the ordinary. And, seeing as my favourite meal by far is breakfast and I wanted to go out of our usual local routine to celebrate with my two special guys, I did look at a few options.

I like to call the booking desk rather than use an online system, as it allows me to check the availability of high chairs for Monsieur Baby... Interestingly, one of the restaurants I called had tables available online, yet when I mentioned a toddler on the phone suddenly the place was fully booked. Ha, what cheek!

Anyways, initial frustrations aside, I decided to try The Delaunay, a recent addition to The Wolseley group with good reviews, and was very pleasantly surprised when the lady first inquired if we needed a high chair, then asked about our preferred time, and finally worked her magic on her booking system and found me a table for late breakfast, a perfect timing which fit in ideally within Monsieur Baby's routine. I hadn't even set foot in the place and yet I already loved it (this is what poor customer service in London does to you... whenever you come across someone who is caring and willing to help, it seems extraordinary).

We arrived slightly delayed (Sunday traffic on the King's Road is something else, and it wasn't even a Chelsea match day!) but were greeted in a friendly and charming manner and taken to a quiet area of the horseshoe table arrangement (a bit like the Wolseley), close to the clock. I usually prefer to be on the sides of these large rooms, they tend to be quieter and also it's easier to manage an energetic toddler's antic if you don't have three tables staring at you, wondering why you didn't leave the little trouble-maker home with the cats...

As we were expecting based on our experience at The Wolseley, service was impeccable yet without a hint of stuffiness. Our order was taken immediately and arrived within minutes, which is a blessing as we were getting close to 11:00 and our little godzilla likes his lunch on the hour.

Everything was delicious, warm and perfect... I indulged in a little stack of super fluffy pancakes (I know, carbs are bad for you, but they're so good!) with a grapefruit, both perfect, but I did try Hubby Dearest's eggs benedict, again quite scrumptious and the eggs were poached to perfection. Monsieur Baby devoured his scrambled eggs and toast, and that's always a good sign.

He was incredibly well behaved for a two-year old, though of course we did bring a great deal of toys and books to make sure he didn't get bored in the proceedings.. He seemed genuinely thrilled with our outing (this may have been thanks in part to the generous service of toast he got, he is a bit crazy about bread... must be the Moroccan in him!) For me, this was the best of Mother's Day gifts, to have my two guys sharing a smoothie and a game of plastic car table racing.

We followed our breakfast with a little stroll down to Covent Garden, literally minutes away, where the little monster was able to run around and squeal to his content. All in, a lovely day!

I loved our visit at The Delaunay, we'll be back!

The Delaunay
55 Aldwych, London WC2
0 207 499 8558


Lattes and Juice said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! Looks like such a lovely lunch you had with your 2 men. I love love love the Wolsely but so tough to get a table there. Must give this a try. x

A Little Slice Of said...

Great review, food looks amazing. Hope you too had a great Mother's Day x

Longuette said...

wow, that breakfast looks heaven to me!
especially those eggs benedict which I always sees in pictures and never tried (well coming from a country of cappuccino and croissant finding eggs it's almost impossible, unless you stay at an hotel...)
I am glad you had a nice day, you look such a nice family <3

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies! Always such adorable comments on here, you make my day!
@Lattes & Juice good to see you back on the blogosphere, I hope you had a good Mother's Day!

Bourbon & Pearls said...

What a gorgeous family. Breakfast is the best meal, I would happily eat breakfast foods three times a day.

Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

Yummy mummy & yummy food! Great review, love the little green car on the table too! always a combination of broken crayons and toys on our table as well!

So nice to have them eating with us, apart from any tantrums (yikes! I find that stressful!)

Elle xx

LittleS said...

@BP, thank you! I'm like you, totally addicted to b'fast food, could have it three times a day...

@Elle, my moto is you have to get them used to going out from an early age, otherwise how will they know how to behave?