My new Valentino kitten heels: pretty and fierce

Ok, by now, Valentino Rockstud accessories have been around for a few seasons, and they have been seen on fashionistas around the world and even copied (more or less successfully and more or less intelligently..) so this is hardly a "Wow look what I found" post... Rather, the surprise is that I waited until Spring 2013 to get my first pair of Rockstud slingbacks. How I could resist so long, I don't know... Here they are now in my  staircase, and I'm so thrilled at the idea of wearing them soon!

There is so much about these shoes which I love: the studded straps are super fierce, adding a sense of fun and youth to what could otherwise be a pair of ladylike (dare I say it, slightly boring) heels. I adore the kitten heels, which are elegant and practical to walk in.

So, why did I hesitate so long? First, amongst the many colour combinations that these shoes have been made in, it's the first time I come across the nappa nude with pink straps mix. I think this matt combo is easier to mix in with my existing wardrobe (very important!) and I think it can work for both Summer and Winter looks. And I also thought long and hard before ordering these for a simple reason: all my life, I've heard and read that ankle straps are not for shorter-legged creatures like me. Well, I'm ready to break this rule, let's see what you think about it when I do!

Want to order your own pair of Rockstud by Valentino heels? Look no further, here are some links:
Rockstud heels - patent leather
Rockstud heels - matt leather
Rockstud heels - hot pink


Lattes and Juice said...

Those are so lovely! I've had my eye on the flats for awhile now but can't make up my mind on the color either. Loving the straps on your kitten heels and can't wait to see an action shot. Maybe for mother's day ;)


PoppysStyle said...

Oh my - so envious - these are divine! I've been looking at them for months...and couldn't decide on flat, kitten heel or higher heel. LOVE these!

Longuette said...

these looks beautiful! I cannot wait to see how you'll style them and which bag you'll match it with ;-)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous....i have the same pair in nude and i love them

Fashion for the rest of us said...

I love these shoes as well! I added them to my collection last year (http://fashion-for-the-rest-of-us.blogspot.ca/2011/11/all-about-my-platforms.html), and I can tell you that they are also extremely comfortable.

If I could afford I would get one in every color :)