Pilates at Heartcore: hard and fast workout for busy people

Life as a working mother can get incredibly busy... in my case a week looks a bit like this: I am clocking 60 hours in the office (that's when I'm not travelling to see clients and when I'm not spending week-ends on the phone or on email), then rushing home in London traffic to spend more than a few minutes with my family, before moving on to blogging, organising holidays, toddler playdates, social outings, catching up with friends etc etc. Nothing out of the ordinary for working parents really, but it does get a bit much!

So it's no surprise many people are finding it tough to fit in a regular exercise regimen in a very full life, and in my case it was a bit of a scramble until I stumbled upon Heartcore. I've been attending the Xtend Barre classes religiously in their Chelsea studio for a little over a year now, but when my favourite teacher, Katie, moved to New Zealand, the number of Barre classes offered suddenly dropped and it was time to think of their other classes.

I had done a lot of mat pilates with the lovely Jelly Belly team right after Monsieur Baby's birth and loved how it helped get my body back into (some kind of) shape, but my only experience with reformer pilates was an absolutely dreadful course in a studio in Kensington's Point West, where people were left totally to their own devices with no guidance or help... After that, I promised myself never to go back.

Still, determined to up my workout routine to 2-3 classes a week, I decided to try Heartcore's Pilates class. The website describes it as an intense and dynamic workout which burns in 55 minutes flat as many calories and toxins as you would if you had a couple of hours to spare at a normal gym. And that, my dear friends, is why I love Heartcore: you don't need to spend hours at it or go every day of the week (though I'm sure that would speed up the process), a couple of times a week is enough to keep you fit.

However, I will not lie: the price of such efficiency is that the session in itself is incredibly hard. Harder than any other class I've ever tried, in fact. It's a succession of reformer exercises using springs and my own body weight (note to self: must bring that down so the class isn't as tough!), with a view to improve core strenght but also bone density, which should be good for my old age.

Half-way through my first class, I can feel every single muscle in my body shaking (even some I'd never felt before, worryingly), and I have to take breaks and adjust the strings combination a few times to avoid collapsing between the platforms, which would have been rather comical, now that I think of it. I feel like a true beginner in this tiny class of nine people but the teacher is super encouraging and my fellow torturees are so focused on their workout I don't think anyone is paying attention to the rookie in the room!

Although there is no cardio involved, the class is so tough that I'm completely sweaty by the end and the next day my whole body is rather sore, prompting me to book another session as soon as possible in order to revive my aching muscles. I've been going back every week since then, and even twice a week when I'm not travelling, making my routine a three session a week programme including Xtend: little bikini, I'm getting ready for you!

With four studios across London and classes almost every hour every day, not to mention a super practical online booking system, Heartcore Pilates is the ideal workout solution for busy people, there literally is no excuse not to go! Did I tell you the studio is just minutes away from my house? Easy, I tell you!

Heartcore Chelsea
6 Burnsall Street
London SW3

There are studios in Kensington, Notting Hill and Hampstead, check out the website for more information:


Bourbon & Pearls said...

Oh I'd love to try it, that's next time I'm in London I'm going to go along, thanks!!

Charlotte said...

I just did my first class there last week and second yesterday and agree it is amazing! I'm trying to do a couple of sessions each week, so will say 'hi' if I see you there! Love the online booking system but slightly worried that having the lulu store next door could get dangerous.

(I don't often comment but am a big fan of your blog) x

LittleS said...

@BP, do pop in, it's quite wonderful!
@Charlotte, thanks for following my blog, it's lovely to hear from regular readers! I agree, the Lulu store is very very dangerous (that's all I'll say... !) xx