It's time for the (belated) Sunday fashion confession

Happy Easter Monday everyone! First, before we start, an explanation... I've been pretty silent these last few days, but I have an excuse: there are times when, despite all my best intentions of preparing posts in advance and ensuring the flow doesn't stop on this little corner of the web, life and work get in the way. As soon as I came back from Courchevel last week, I was dragged into a couple of projects which needed my full attention, evenings included, and then it was time to go to Barcelona for Easter, so I've only been able to connect back today. Hence my late Sunday post (though really, Easter Monday is like Sunday, right?)

I still have a couple of posts to write about our Courchevel holiday, and this one is about my growing addiction to Chanel, and the impossibility to resist the chocolate box perfection of the temporary Chanel boutique at the centre of the 1850 resort. Here's what happened... On our first day of holidays, I had to give skiing a miss, whilst I sat at a cafe reviewing a pile of legal documents and dealt with an avalanche of emails. So, after a morning of all work and no play, and just before joining Hubby Dearest and his parents for lunch, I decided to give myself a little treat by "just popping in to see what they have"... Ha ha. This, below, is what ensued.

Aren't the boxes stunning? And those camellias  how gorgeous are they? I love Chanel's long sautoir necklaces and originally I'd only wanted to see if they had any interesting ones, which obviously they did. They had a lot of the classic black and white ones, but seeing as I had one in monochrome already, I was after something a bit more colourful and more summery. I've never thought myself as much of a blue girl, but then some pieces have the knack to make me reconsider (I'm all for reconsidering when we're talking style rules!)

I fell instantly in love with this pearl and crystal necklace, it is luxurious enough to bling up a boring jeans and tee-shirt outfit yet it will not look out of place at lunch, whilst some of the more strassy pieces they had might.  And, whilst I could have easily stopped there, and in fact reason says I should have, for really I have too many clutches that I don't get to use enough as it is, but when I saw this camellia embossed leather beauty, resistance was, simply, futile.

Now, here's a question: does anyone know when Spring is due to start in London? My closet needs a seasonal turnaround soon and I'm itching to use my new season goodies such as these, help!!!


Bourbon & Pearls said...

From the box to the necklace to the purse - all divinely pretty! I think we are a full month away from spring, it's unseasonally cold just now.

Esther said...

Stunning !
I just love them both.
Here in Paris, it's freezing too. Looks like it's going to stay like that for another week or two ;-(

A Little Slice Of said...

Don't apologise for a late post or not posting for a few days because life got in the way - working full time and having a family is not easy - I think you do brilliant fitting in such regular posts as it is! Anyway, love your new purchases, in particular the beautiful embossed leather clutch! Hope the weather picks up soon x

LittleS said...

Thank you dear friends, I hope you all had a good Easter week-end! xx