It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Carven... many people believe this is a relative newcomer on the fashion scene, well, not so: Carven was first launched as a couture house in 1945 and slowly got out of fashion for a few decades, until the arrival of designer Guillaume Henry in 2009 brought its Parisian mojo back. For me, Spring 2012 is probably the first season when I felt that Carven was really worth looking into.

Last season, I almost made the plunge with some of their cropped jackets, but I have too many jackets as it is... and so I held out. Then the Spring 2013 collection was all over the shops and I instantly fell in love with this Paris map print A-line skirt...

It's simple to explain why I love the Carven designs: they are fresh and fun yet have a classical elegance that is very Parisian. Of course I felt immediately drawn to this skirt as it's a lovely tribute to the city I was born in and where I am longing to live again (soon, hopefully?). But, and there is a but, I kept feeling like I don't really have the type of incredible legs I need to pull this number off. See the skirt hits most definitely above the knees, even on my short legs, and that's not necessarily a look I'm super comfortable with in the summer, without tights and all.

So I left it until this week, pondering and wondering... And then, when it had almost sold out everywhere (obviously!), I thought "Life's too short (I may have used another phrase, one with a verb), I'm getting it". After all, I'm working out three to four times a week these days, which is more often than at any other time in my adult life, surely that's going to start paying off at some point?

In the meanwhile, if like me you're in love with the Paris skirt by Carven, here's where you can still find it:
- Matches - Carven Paris Skirt
- MyWardrobe - Carven Paris Skirt
Harvey Nichols - Carven Paris Skirt


Charlotte said...

The skirt looks amazing. I have no doubt that you will style it really well and look fantastic in it.
Over Christmas I bought a carven and petit bateau collaboration shirt which I love. I've been wearing it a lot at the weekend.

Selina said...

Oh I love Carven! I bought a dress & trench from the 2011 collection but not a lot since. Sadly the price point has gone up slightly with its popularity and as you said you need to grab it quickly. S x

LittleS said...

@Charlotte, thanks for the vote of confidence! I saw the Petit Bateau collaboration, loved the little peter pan collars.

@Selina, I agree with you on the price point. Some pieces are a bit expensive...