Wednesday's beauty essential: Oribe Super Shine Light Moisturizing Cream

After years of blow dries, colourings, and a higher number of traumatising hair styling experiences than I'd consider fair, my hair has been looking dry and dull lately, definitely more cereal ad than GHD commercial... Believe me, I tried everything, from salon treatments to weekly masks, all I got was heavy oily limp strands, definitely not an improvement from simply limp locks, and when I refrained, well, how to explain: have you ever pictured a wig made of straw? You get my point.

So, when I recently visited my local SpaceNK recently to stock up on some of my daily essentials (yes, and a few non essentials, I'm a bit like a child at the supermarket candy shelf when it comes to beauty counters), I was a bit skeptical when the sales assistant handed me a few samples of Oribe's  hair moisturizing cream. I thought, here's another product that's going to leave my hair covered in residue and is not really going to help. Oh, girl of little faith... I give you: the only hair product I know that is 30% scent heaven, 50% pure hair miracle and 20% divine intervention at blow dry time; making that 100% my new hair addiction.

The name itself is full of promise: Super Shine Light Moisturizing Cream by Oribe, but the first thing that hits you, before all the magic and divine intervention takes place, is the wonderful scent, a floral and fruity mix that's more reminiscent of a luxury perfume than your usual hair styling product. You apply this pre-styling, and then again whenever is needed, to keep the moisture in and the heat and UV harm away, and from the first use, you get to see some extraordinary results... In my case, shiny hair, noticeably less strays, basically the healthy locks I thought had gone forever! Result!

Of course there is the small point of this cream's price... in fact small is probably a rather poor choice of words. What I'm trying to say is this is an eye-wateringly expensive hair product, in fact I don't think I'd ever reached for it had it not been for those small samples that delivered so much. In the UK, this comes at just over a cool £47, about eight times the price of a drugstore product. Yes, it's excessive, but I think about the money I spend on face creams and I don't see why I shouldn't invest as much on my hair's health and beauty, don't you think? Plus, did I mention that a tiny bit goes a very long way? All you need is to coat your palms with a light film of this product for the miracle to happen, so the tube is bound to last a very very long time...

If you think this could be the cream for you, pop into a Space NK or similar, and ask for a sample, you'll be hooked like me, I'm sure. Or you could just order it here: Super Shine Light Moisturizing Cream by Oribe.

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hind said...

I have recently been "converted" myself to "hair moisturisers", courtesy of the fabulous Lisa Aldridge.
I initially thought I would only use it on a long hal flight to avoid over-dried hair but now I am hooked.
Mine though is the more affordable pharmacy available Phyto 7 Hydration Day Cream (50ml for £14)
I defienetly recommend as well :)