In my Spring shopping list: A wedding outfit in mint sorbet

Right... first a little explanation. As you may have noticed this month I've been a bit more sporadic in my posting, but this is the risk with trying to write a blog whilst living a more than hectic life. So far this month, I've been to India, Spain, Holland, Greece, Portugal, Belgium, France, Holland again etc. etc. It's not easy keeping the writing up when work travel gets in the way, and then when I'm back in London, my first priority is Little Monsieur, followed (rather closely, I admit) with the need to rest. And then last week I strained my knee quite badly after a strenuous workout, so you can imagine my latest outfits have been put together with comfort, rather than edge and style, in mind! I am however trying to be better and keep up here regularly, but bear with me!

So, what have I been busy with lately? Well, like many adopted Brits, I've become quite an adept at discussing the weather in general and lack of Spring-like weather... Which doesn't make my latest fashion task too easy. See, in a rather unexpected manner (and frankly quite unsocially late in a couple of cases), wedding invitations have suddenly started pouring through our mail box in the last couple of weeks and I've found myself scrambling to put together possible outfits.

One trend I really liked from the catwalk shows is Mint. It's fresh, feminine, and quite young, but to stay that way I prefer to  mix it with white and metallics, rather than harsh black or, worst, other pastel colours. This is a trend best left to shine.

I fell in love instantly with this contrast jacquard dress by Antonio Marras. The super feminine cut and rich fabric are reminiscent of 1960s silhouettes, but the print clash brings it all into 2013. The knee length also makes this perfect material for a religious ceremony (I might want to add a little jacket for an ultra conservative one, though most celebrants seem quite tolerant of bare arms lately).

Although it might be tempting to clash this dress with a brighter clutch, I prefer to go for matching accessories, such as this Amelia clutch in mint satin by L.K. Bennett. I have been quite vocal of how ridiculous I find the trend of wearing clutches for everyday style (especially in the office), but certain formal occasions only work with clutches. And frankly, if you need to take more than a cell phone, a lipstick, some blotting paper and maybe an emergency sewing kit, something's wrong with the way you put yourself together in the first place: it should be effortless yet perfect enough to allow you to be away from your essentials for eight hours without too much trouble.

I've been looking for simple versatile sandals, and these mirror ones by Jimmy Choo could be just the perfect pick: they are simple enough to work well with jeans and a tee-shirt for a dinner out, yet the super shiny silver is the ideal balance to the metallic details of the dress.
And finally, nothing finishes a wedding guest outfit better than a statement piece of jewelry. This crystal bracelet, by J.Crew, is quite neat for a sleeveless dress like the one here. A necklace would get lost in the patterned fabric, whilst a bracelet sits far enough from the dress that it draws attention in its own right.

There you have it, that's one wedding guests outfit sorted out for me, only three to go! How about you, any weddings in your social calendar this Summer? What will you wear?


Pam said...

No weddings on my calendar this year, but I love your outfit, and especially the shoes. Ever since--yess, I'll admit it--Diana, Princess of Wales, introduced me to the idea, metallic shoes have been my favorites for evening--and in ballet-flat format, for summer. I bet mint is lovely on you with your hair and skintone, too.

Judith said...

I love this colour, brilliant choice! The outfit is bright and classy, perfect for a wedding.

No weddings this year but two christenings in september. Still plenty of time to choose what to wear...

For your knee: ice, ibuprofene 400 and an elastic brace. It worked great for my wrist.

Hope you will be able to rest this weekend :)

LittleS said...

Thanks ladies for your lovely comments.

@Pam, I'm like you: metallic shoes are my favourite neutral for evening and summer. They go with everything and mean I don't buy shoes in every colour to go with different dresses.

@Judith thanks for the tip for my knee, it's feeling better. xx

Shaz from split-site PhD said...

Wow that is a lot of travel. I am amazed that you find the time and energy to continue with a blog at all. I really enjoy the mint color of the dress. There are three more decisions to make, maybe you can take the same concept and work in a different color.

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LittleS said...

Thanks Shaz... indeed it's a bit hectic! I will post some more on wedding outfits, watch this space!

frifri63 said...

Dear S, you do seem to have a "emploi du temps de ministre"!
I love the dress and honestly, every single item for that outfit. The J Choos are a perfect must have in one's wardrobe (if you can deal with 3"heels). I'd love to see you in a mod pic, the print of that dress is amazing and fresh! Have a relaxed Sunday.