Sunday brunch at The Refinery

When I first moved to London in the early noughties, finding a decent place for Sunday brunch in London's Southwark following an outing to Tate Modern was near impossible... Not anymore. The whole area has been revamped and now you're spoiled for choice.

After our Lichtenstein visit, we (and most importantly Little Monsieur, who is very big on his routine!) needed food, so we went looking for brunch. A big fan of places such as The Anthologist and The Parlour, I wanted to try out brunch at sister place The Refinery. The restaurant looks fabulous inside and out, with fantastic attention to detail: the space is very large, dotted with an eclectic mismatch of furnishings mixing shabby with chic. I'm a bit partial to the newspaper-wrapped mint pots on the tables, they smell amazing!

The other fab thing about The Refinery is the original take on traditional brunch fare. I loved the idea of the "Californian Kick Start" (think Eggs Benedict with a San Diego take, complete with guacamole) and thoroughly enjoyed my English version of Bagel (Toast...) and Lox. If like me you have a small toddler, this is a great place: Little Monsieur didn't feel left out with his scrambled eggs and toast, and with the comfy high chair and his toy cars and colouring books on the table, he felt right at home!

The only disappointment? The menu advertises fresh juices under their "Juiceology" menu... but after I asked for five different ones (grapefruit, orange, berries, pomegranate and carrot), and got told they didn't have anything except for fresh pepper (hm, thanks?), I gave up and had tea instead...

Brunch at The Refinery, from 10:00.
110 Southwark St, London SE1
0 845 468 0168

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