Sunday morning at Tate Modern: Lichtenstein exhibit

As our attempt at visiting the Picasso museum in Barcelona showed, sometimes visiting an art exhibit with Little Monsieur proves a bit too much for everyone... he is not 30-months old yet, so anything too serious is bound to bore the tantrum out of him. What to do? Some parents decide to park the kids with the week-end nanny to go for their cultural fix, others simply don't go. How sad. I for one have decided to take Little Monsieur along to all the exhibits his daddy and I manage to make, and if he doesn't like it, well it's hardly a big financial loss when we have to get out early to save the other visitors' enjoyment... 

Lately, London-based tots have been spoiled for choice, with the Hayward Gallery's Light Show which we visited for its closing week-end and where we had an absolute blast, and now the Lichtenstein Retrospective at the Tate Modern. 

Although this exhibit is not built for children per se, Lichtenstein's art has such an immediate and popular appeal that there were plenty of thrilled little ones around on the day we visited. Little Monsieur was particularly taken by the picture of his favourite Disney character, Mickey Mouse, as well as by the strangely-shaped sculptures. All the while, Hubby Dearest and I enjoyed seeing works that we've admired before but also learning about works we'd never seen elsewhere. No tantrums here!

Lichtenstein: A Retrospective is at the Tate Modern until May 27th 2013. Find out more here.

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