Wednesday's beauty essential: Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser

Have you ever tried wearing contact lenses and long-lasting mascara for 15 hours on end, everyday, and staring at four computer screens for hours on end? No? Good, you're not as silly as me. Alas there is no helping it, I'm slowly building my own little road to blindness by wearing my lenses too long, peering over shiny screens from 7am to midnight, and of course the mascara. 

At the end of the day, it's the same sad story: my eyes are sore, red and aching... rather tearful in fact. Time to take the day off and don some glasses. The only problem is, over the years, I've tried and been miserably been let down by countless numbers of make-up removers.

Which is why I rely on the Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser. It's formulated especially for sensitive eyes, and its water-based gel texture feels really fresh and soothing. It still dissolves everything I put on my eyes at first go, so there is no need to rub over my weary eyes. My trick is to soak an organic cotton pad with it, then press softly over my lids for a half a minute, before wiping slowly to the side. No rubbing, especially no rubbing!

I've tried it over everyday make-up but also over heavier products, such as cream shadows and everlasting eyeliner. Worked its magic each time. 

Afterwards, my eyes are left refreshed and rather happy, thanks to soothing cornflower extract which just calms all the irritations and leaves my skin feeling as if I'd massaged it with an ice cube. 

Order it here: Talika Gentle Eye Cleanser.


Judith said...

Thanks for sharing! I also wear my contact lenses for 15-16 hours... It's becoming increasingly difficult to wear contact lenses AND eye make-up as my eyes are now very sensitive :(

LittleS said...

No problem Judith! Also another one to try is soothing drops, I buy them from boots and always have them in my bag, especially for days when I travel.