Little Monsieur loves the theatre

Every once in a while (ahem, a bit more often these days that it's so unseasonably drab and cold...) I think about growing up in Casablanca and how much I loved being in the outdoors most days, going to the beach every week-end from early Spring to late Autumn, etc. I loved growing up in Morocco, but let's just say it was a bit dry in the cultural department, especially for children, and that's putting it mildly.

London is exactly the opposite: granted, there are week-ends when I'd rather cut my own toes than feel them freeze and possibly fall off due to the bitter weather, but this is the one place in the world where if you want to go out and do something, anything, the options are virtually endless. (I even took some circus trapeze classes just last year!) In particular, when it comes to things to do with children, I feel London has it all.

Take theatre... you'd think that's an activity reserved for older children and adults, well not here. At the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon, it's all about children play and plays for children. Little Monsieur has become quite the aficionado, visiting last month for the first time and again yesterday to watch a play called Three Colours.

The play places the children at the centre of a light-filled universe where projectors, music, light and puppets create a magical world. The play lasts for 30 minutes, and the children are sat very close to the actors: Little Monsieur sat himself at the very front and was totally captivated by the fish, boats, frogs, as well as the cool soundtrack. We were taken on a journey at sea, before taking a dip, then up in a starry sky, before coming down in an overgrown lawn to meet with frogs and caterpillars.

Whoever says toddlers are too young for theatres, museums etc. needs to rethink: I for one believe it's a matter of what you take them to see. If you try to have little ones sit through some abstract play about the essence of being, obviously you're setting yourself to fail (even I would fall asleep after two minutes, and I have amazing ability to stay awake through the most boring presentations...), but try things such as children theatre or the show on Light that was recently presented at the Hayward Gallery, and you'll have some delighted munchkins on your hands! I should know, Little Monsieur has a tiny attention span, so if it works for him...

Three Colours is at The Polka Theatre until August 17 2013, but check out the What's On section to see what else is coming up and book early to avoid disappointment! Little Monsieur is already booked in for Egg And Spoon in October.

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