Wednesday's beauty essential: Hourglass Lighting Powder

Do you ever look at magazine pictures and wonder how the lucky girls get that glow on their skin? I do... Especially after a week spent travelling around Europe: let's just say my complexion has a glow that's more akin to the one of a zombie than that of a glamourous model. Oh how I wish I had my own portable lighting system, a team of make-up artists, and the best photoshop geek in the city.

Alas that is not meant to be... but thankfully for bedraggled souls like me who spend more time in airports than skin spas, there is an answer. It comes in the form of a range of highlighting powders, each giving you the effect of a different type of soft lighting.

One word of caution: you have to choose wisely, the colour will determine whether this powder works for you... Mine is Luminous Light, I decided on it because its champagne-like shade gives the skin a soft glow, not too pale, not too dark, and it has tiny shimmer particles that blend on the skin to leave a satin-like look. If you're very pale, you may want to opt for Ethereal Light. If you're bothered by redness then Diffused Light is the one for you. Finally if your skin is looking more grey and flat than glowy give Mood Light a try.

Once you have gone through your usual make-up routine, just apply a thin veil of this either all over or on the spots you want to highlight. Soft lighting on the go, check!

Find it here: Hourglass Lighting Powder, available at Space NK

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