Little Monsieur's Vintage Airplane party

After last year's safari extravaganza (you can read about it here: Monsieur Baby's Safari party), it was pretty easy to pick this year's theme for Little Monsieur's annual summer party. In true little boy style, he is currently obsessed with two things: cars and airplanes. Cars would have been an easier theme to pull off, but I thought an airplane party would be more original, so we embarked on a vintage airplane journey, courtesy of Little Monsieur airlines and his handy helpers, aka Hubby Dearest and me.

The coolest part of organising this party was discussing the cakes with the lovely Lucy from Vanilla Frostcakes. She had done such a beautiful job on last year's party that I knew we wouldn't be disappointed. We agreed on a mix of airplane topped cupcakes, propeller popcakes and some cool cookies shaped like clouds airplanes and little globes. Aside from looking fabulous, they were absolutely delicious, in fact I'm amazed I was able to picture them for this post, seeing as they disappeared quite quickly once the little munchkins arrived!

As per last year, the baking was the only part I outsourced, everything else we organised at home... From the boarding pass invitations to the globe stamped stickers for the drinks cups. We fluffed tissue paper pompoms to hang on the wall, ordered DC60 planes from toy stores, and spent most of June evenings preparing for Little Monsieur's big do. (Which explains the relatively lack of posts on this page for the past few weeks, in case you were wondering...)

Unlike the safari theme, finding a ready-made party pack for vintage airplane themes seems impossible, unless you go the self-print route, which I wasn't too keen on. So we had to make the vintage map bunting, create the bottle labels etc. ourselves, and at times I was a bit panicked that it wouldn't look as polished as I'd liked, but the result was quite good in the end: some Etsy-sourced paper rosettes scattered around the room helped bring the whole look together.

For the scene setting, we also used some of our vintage air transportation knick-knacks, such as an old globe map and some little airplane models, as well as a couple of vintage airline posters. The food was presented on our usual glass cake stands and platters, and we also served sandwiches in airplane type craft and plastic containers. We also scattered script printed signs for the food and drinks, all with an airplane theme: in-flight refreshments, flying cupcakes, cloud cookies, departing flights (for the take-away marshmallow bags) etc.

Another thing that was homemade were my cloud marshmallows, in a mix of white, blue and swirly blue. It took me a while to "master" the recipe (I promise I will write a post on this) but they were a massive success, especially with the parents! We had apple juice for the little ones, homemade ice tea (less sweet than shop-bought) as well as Pimm's for the adults, served in some large tub drink dispensers. This year we got away with putting some of Little Monsieur's toys in the garden and giving the little toddlers big sheets of A1 paper with crayons to draw in, and a little bubble machine provided all the entertainment we needed, but next year I'm thinking we should have at least a puppet show or something... Food for thought.

And finally, we made sure all of our 20 little guests left with a little suitcase come favour bag, filled with all the travel essentials you need as a mini jetsetter... an inflatable globe, cool sunglasses, a mini gamera, and of course the usual kiddie favourites: a bubble bottle, some choclate and a little box of crayons. All in, we had a perfect 1960s airplane travel themed afternoon, especially helped by the fabulous very untypical of London weather. Success!

VoilĂ ... our second Little Monsieur party, done. Until next year! (or maybe until Halloween, who knows?!)


Anonymous said...

Oh my god!!!Fabulous!
I want one of those suitcases.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful!! You did a great job with your son's party. Very creative and fun party.


LittleS said...

Thank you so much ladies! It was hard work but well worth it!

Judith said...

Waouh! Your guests must have been blown away!

And what about Little Monsieur? Did he enjoy it? I hope he realised how great his parents are :-)

LittleS said...

Thanks Judith! He did have a great time, he was buzzing around all afternoon full of excitement. I was so pleased that he was happy!