Week-end in Copenhagen (1): A magical afternoon at Tivoli Gardens

Although I love travelling for short city week-ends away from London, sometimes it feels like I fly so much during the week that spending one more minute in an airplane seems like a gruesome proposition... so this year, we've not been away as much as we'd like, but I promise I'll try to improve.

Starting with... last week-end! We moved quarters to Copenhagen, in Denmark, on Friday evening, for a couple of days of Nordic fun. This is just another of the cities I've been to many times for work but never with time to explore, so I figured, let's pick a Summer week-end and visit! Obviously, with Little Monsieur in tow, as usual we had to adapt our programme to allow for his toddler pace and taste. This means time for him to nap in his buggy whilst we were exploring the streets around Nyhavn, and of course, what else, an afternoon at Tivoli Gardens enjoying the rides.

The Tivoli Gardens are an amusement park that was created in the mid-19th century in response to popular unrest, and it is fabulous in a retro way that no modern games park can compete with. There's a peacock theatre, a chinese tower, various retro rides such as a merry-go-round, an Immelmann loop, and, Little Monsieur's absolute favourite, a little garden with on-track vintage cars. He drove a green open top as if he'd always known how to drive... of course we did have to make do with a tantrum at the end of the ride. Time for tea!

There are lots of restaurants and cafes in the park ground and although the gardens were packed, none o the cafes felt crowded, and we found a little deco tea-house just in front of Hotel Nimb, where we enjoyed local patisseries and just made iced tea. Delicious!

Most of the rides are better for children a little older than our little monster, say around 6, as well as teenagers and adults, but we still had a blast and Little Monsieur loved the visit to the fish in the small aquarium underneath the concert hall.

Find out more about Tivoli Gardens: http://www.tivoli.dk/en/


Judith said...

I never would have guessed where it was! Little Monsieur is lucky to travel and discover Europe so early :)

Did he go with you to other countries in the past? Not too difficult to take the plane with a toddler?

LittleS said...

Hi Judith, yes, he comes with us everywhere we go on the week-ends and holidays. So far: Italy, France, Portugal, Morocco, Denmark, Mauritius, Spain. It's a lot but not too much, we try to strike a balance between going away and discovering things and having a London routine at the week-end (swimming classes, family breakfasts, and workouts for me!). Taking the plane becomes super easy the more you do it, and the older they get: at the moment I'd say it's 6/10 easy, up from 3/10 when he was a year old and down from 10/10 when he was a few months old and just slept through.