Week-end in Copenhagen (2): A day on the water

One of the great things about Copenhagen is that water is everywhere, and visiting the city by boat is really easy, and a god-send when the weather turns to a scorcher as was the case last week. Boat tours are super popular in the Danish capital, so for once we were happy (and thankful!) about Little Monsieur's preferred wake-up time: 6am UK time... it meant that we were clothed, fed and ready for the day with plenty of time ahead of the day's first hop-on hop-off boat departure at 10am.

We were staying at Hotel Scandic Front, just a stone throw away from Nyhavn, where the boats depart, so we had time to indulge in some pictures, before boarding our first boat of the day.

The nice thing about taking off early whenever you visit world-known attractions is that the crowd is smaller. We got to the Little Mermaid statue from the sea, which was very cool, and when we got there there were around fifty people around, including a couple of slightly adventurous picture-takers who insisted on standing on the rock at the feet of the statue... If you think that's a lot, picture this: we passed by in the afternoon the next day and the crowd had pretty much quadrupled.

The places we enjoyed the most during our stay:
- Dinner at The Admiral hotel, just next door from our hotel and far better food and service!
- Lunch on Nyhavn (most of the places seem to serve pretty similar things, we tried two, and the fish and smörgåsbord were delicious in both;
- The little park behind the Little Mermaid is really nice and quite free of tourists;
- For a taste of where the locals go to relax, we spent Sunday afternoon at Fredriksberg Have (it's so big and gorgeous it puts Hyde Park to shame...)

All in, a thoroughly enjoyable week-end with wonderful weather and splendid sights to see. I wouldn't say that people were incredibly welcoming and friendly (especially when we walked away from the tourist areas where people were very nice), but I'd still recommend a visit.

Happy sunny Sunday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Love Copenhagen - stayed in the Admiral Hotel too last visit - your posts revived some happy memories of summer times there. Loved the little surprise cafes in quiet side streets too, and the design museum, not to mention design shopping at Illums Bolighus!
Jane Sx