A holiday at Saint Lucia's Sugar Beach, a.k.a. The Jalousie Plantation

To say I was looking forward to my Summer vacation with my little family is a big understatement... After months of stress, too much travel away from my two guys and a lot of hard work, I was desperate for some time off, time to spend with my little munchkin just playing around and relaxing. I had wanted to visit the Sugar Beach, previously Jalousie Plantation, for a very long time, and booked us for just under two weeks last January, as London was ploughing through weeks of miserable cold.

I'd heard this was a beautiful place with luxury service in a fabulous setting, so my expectations were, quite simply, sky high.

We arrived early Sunday afternoon, skipped the usual reception stop (at the Sugar Beach, check-in is in your room!) to be greeted by our butler, who took us up a short flight of steps to our little villa, a large room with a massive bathroom, a walk-in closet (we know how much I love this), a little bar area, and, amazing perk, a little garden with our own pool... The furniture is all white, like the walls, doors, and shutters, and within a couple of hours I felt myself relax in this blissful environment. In all honesty, they had me at 'no check-in' (after a long-haul flight to the Caribbean in the Summer, with a toddler in tow, you'll be grateful for any shortening of the formalities and barriers between you and the beach). 

The resort is small, less than 80 rooms/villas, and is nested in the lush rain forest between Saint Lucia's famous two pitons. The views are absolutely breath-taking whichever way you look, and as you walk or get driven down, you find a crescent of white sand, beautifully dotted with the most comfortable beach loungers I've seen, and some massive coco straw umbrellas to shield the pink European skin from the tropical sun. I think if that if paradise does indeed exist, it should be part Sugar Beach part Rue Saint-Honore...

The beach was amazing, in fact we spent most of our time in Saint Lucia there, with a lovely warm water and hardly any swell, meaning Little Monsieur swam very happily for hours on end. He did however insist in a little splash in our small pool at the villa at the end of each day, and his squeals of delight were all we needed to know he was happy.

Food is equally lovely, with breakfast served on the terrace of the main plantation house, and a choice of settings for lunch and dinner as wide as you'd want them. We never felt over-crowded, and the guests were a mix of young American honeymooners, a few UK-based families (a few of them very lovely and some, well, less so!), and a couple of French families.

When we did venture out of the resort, we visited the Soufriere region, as well as Castries, the capital, but all in we were very happy to enjoy our time at the Sugar Beach.

What didn't I like? Very few things really... You need to take a little shuttle up to your room for most villas, especially if you have a little toddler to haul around, and the shuttle service was, hmmm, somewhat unreliable. And I thought the old name, Jalousie, was far more original and suited to the place than the more generic Sugar Beach. Aside from this, we loved everything. We'll be back!

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort
Val des Pitons
Soufriere, Saint Lucia
+1 758 456 8000

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