A little walk in the rainforest on the way to the Sugar Beach Spa

I'll admit, I fancy myself as a bit of a spa connoisseur, and will try the spa at most hotels that I travel to, and quite a few I don't stay at... I love discovering new treatments and being pampered and after a few days of uninterrupted sunshine and fun in the sea at the gorgeous Sugar Beach I thought it was time to go for a little walk up the resort's own rainforest path, full of raised walkways and hanging bridges winding their way between the hanging creeping branches from the giant trees around. That is where the Sugar Beach hides its spa...

You arrive at the central pavillion through a candle-lit tunnel, and as you progress it's a if you're moving away from the refined plantation environment into a much more natural and even magical world. Everywhere I looked, there are fabulous tropical tree-houses (the treatment cabins!) and there is a little stream beneath the bridges which adds to the relaxing tone of the place.

I didn't get fooled by the tree house decor though: once in the cabins, the treatments are as luxe and sophisticated as you'd expect in a top-notch spa in London. Mine was a plumping oxygen facial with vitamin C, which restored my skin to its original smoothness and took away any signs of over-heating. The spa menu is very good for such a remote location, and they even have a kids spa menu, which includes a chocolate wrap (thankfully Little Monsieur is still too young to know about spas and chocolate wraps, otherwise he might have done as one of the other young guests at the resort did, and ask to go to the spa almost daily!!!).

I loved the spa's unique setting on the piton's slope with the magnificent rainforest all around, it is far more perfect for this tropical resort than the usual modernist and minimalist all white spas. Make sure to book a treatment if you stay at the Sugar Beach.

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