Lacy floral mani... my alternative to the traditional French

Nail art is pretty big at the moment... but mostly it's about bold graphic designs with block flash colours, whilst I usually prefer whimsical and pretty, and I get bored easily with bright colours. Still, I think nail art is super original, and a fun way to play with trends.

The thing is, despite all my fascination with cool beach designs and other summer trends, I really like a classic French, especially at the beach, when my fingers get a bit of tan, which offsets the pink and white mani really nicely. 

Hence the design of my Gelish manicure for Saint Lucia, as applied by the wonderfully gifted Metta at Nails by Mets. It's a super detailed floral and lace design where each nail is unique and different. The colours are the same as for a French: soft natural pink with white detail. 

It is impossibly pretty yet very discreet, only if you pay attention will you notice my nails aren't a classic beige. I'm contrasting it with a coral pedicure. Perfect for the beach!

And of course, the ideal thing about this mani is it will last two weeks, as much as my holidays, and Metta does home visits to administer her art. How incredibly convenient!


Anonymous said...

well, something very kitschig:(

LittleS said...

I guess you meant kitsch... That's ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I find it pretty and fun, but it is not for everyone. Thanks for your comment regardless.

Charlotte said...

I love it. So fun for holidays. I hope you are having a lovely time.