More places I love in Paris (2013 re-edit)

I know I said I disliked the Champs-Elysées district however there are a couple of reasons for me to come here. The main reason I come all the way here is to visit Moss, a fabulous shoe shop which stocks Michel Vivien, Laurence Dacade etc. Though the sales people are a bit distracted at best, the shoe selection is very "pointue" and you are guaranteed to find something different here. Just don't expect any advice or first-clas service!
52 rue Pierre Charron
Paris 8
01 47 20 47 19

Soon enough however it is time to think about dinner and the streets around les Champs are full of options... Actually, two of my favourite Parisian haunts are close by.

First, my absolute favourite place to dine with my father. I am not normally a big meat fan but here I'll make an exception anytime!! I'm talking about L'Entrecôte of course (official name: Le Relais de l'Entrecôte). It needs little introduction but if you've never been here is what to expect: queues outside of the restaurant (they don't take reservations) and a winning formula of a small salad with walnuts followed by the sliced steak with the famous sauce (honestly it is to die for) and the best french fries in the world, and finally if you still have room you can choose a dessert from a menu of mouth-watering options.
The food is seriously simple and good here, and it is perfect for those who don't like choosing as the only things you get to select are how you like your meat cooked, what you'd like to drink and if you'll have dessert which one! I particularly love the bistro look of the hand-written drinks and desserts menu. My favourite memory here was coming for lunch after having spent the morning traipsing the special Hermès sale a few years ago; I ate at a little table by the window and reminisced my wonderful sale experience whilst enjoying my steak and San Pellegrino. My advice to anyone envisaging to come here is to turn up early, i.e. from 19:30 on, in order to avoid queueing for too long.
Le Relais de l'Entrecôte
15 rue Marbeuf
Paris 8
01 45 49 16 00

In the same area but in a totally different style, my favourite Lebanese restaurant in Paris is Al-Ajami. The owners and staff are Lebanese of course, and both service and food are amazing. When it comes to Lebanese cuisine I love ordering loads of mezzes for the table to share, in my mind this is the best way to enjoy a good dinner at Al-Ajami. This is the place where I introduced Hubby Dearest to my parents, long years ago when we were dating, and also a place where I once went for lunch with my mother and my toy yorkshire terrier; on that occasion, the waiter brought my little pup a chair with a cushion so he would be level with the table, and a small bowl of water! Amazing service...
Al-Ajami 58 rue François 1er
Paris 8
01 42 25 38 44

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