Wednesday's beauty essential: A Rossano Ferretti Method haircut

After years of dreaming of an effortlessly gorgeous haircut that would highlight my hair and features instead of trying (and failing) to make me look like whatever this season's model looks like, I have finally found my hair paradise, in the heaven of the fabulous Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa.

I'd read a few articles about Rossano Ferretti's unique method before and decided to take the jump this week, by booking a haircut with Alessandro Calvio, the salon director in London. The salon in itself is a pure marvel, with minimal black and white decor set in what could very well be someone's (quite posh) city house. There is no loud music blaring out of sound systems nor rows of hairdryers on overheat... just the perfect atmosphere of beauty and relaxation that puts me in the mood for a lovely time.

That is, until I uncoil my braided do, and look at my sad, depressed locks which were last cut by a hairdresser who for sure liked to moonlight as a butcher.

Enter Alessandro, and his masterful scissors. After a soothing shampoo, he proceeded to sculpt my hair, cutting each lock one by one vertically, rather than horizontally, in the direction of growth, and leaving me with an overall perfectly natural yet shaped cut that is uniquely mine and perfect for my fine hair texture.

Before my hair is blow-dried to perfection, the cut already looks amazing, showing me that it is possible for my hair to look good straight out of the shower, but when my time is up I look up in the mirror and, well, words fail me, for the first time in weeks. I am truly astonished at what Alessandro has managed and am already planning my next appointment!

Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa
17 St George Street
London W1
0 207 493 5555


Elle's Parisian Chic Blog... said...

My hair type sounds similar to yours - I think I have heard of this method somewhere before, I might have to try the salon out - do all of the staff cut in this way do you know?is there any waiting time for the man himself?

you do a great job blogging and being a mum plus working - how do you do it?! Elle x

LittleS said...

Hi Elle! I hope you're well! I think all the stylists at the salon are trained with the method, it's not just Alessandro. However it was relatively easy to book with him: I only booked with a couple of days notice (then again, it's August...)

Stephanie said...

I'd like to see your new cut, Sandra. Would you mind posting a pic? I need to find a solution for my hair, too. While I like the length, I need to get more structure into it :-)

enjoy your long weekend!


LittleS said...

Hi Stephanie! I had planned to do a picture today whilst out for brunch but then it poured and my hair was all wet! I will take a pic between now and Monday and post it here. The thing about the Methodo cuts is that they don't have any blunt structure, but they fall very nicely and naturally, ie there are no hard corners or unblended layers. I like it a lot. xoxo

Milena said...

just had my haircut done there, on your recommendation - and I LOVE IT!! thank you for writing about it!

LittleS said...

Hi Milena! I'm so glad you took my recommendation, I'm a massive fan of the place and I'm so happy you love your haircut! xxx