Introducing my Fauré Le Page cabas vertical

I originally started writing this blog because I wanted to share my love of style, fashion, and all things fabulous... Of course in this day of mass consumption when every fashionista seems to own a Birkin and a few pairs of Choos, it's difficult to find something unique and special, but as the ultimate international shopper I still strive to find different pieces wherever I go. Which is why I'm thrilled about today's post.

I'd been looking for a blue tote bag for work for a while, a piece with a structure and a bit of a preppy look, a bit like the Goyard Comores, but frankly paying four digits for a waxed canvas tote is a bit exaggerated, so I set off to look for a cool alternative that wasn't all over the fashion magazines yet.

That's when I stumbled upon Fauré Le Page, a traditional French weaponry and luggage house that has been revived a couple of years ago with a line of fabulous handbags and clutches that lives right next to the Chanel mothership, on Rue Cambon.

Like Goyard's chevron design, Fauré Le Page has an iconic design, in the form of scales, which comes in four fabulously wearable neutral shades: blue, brown, army green and a most incredible grey which I'm lusting about like I didn't have too many handbags already!

Alas I've been tied up with work and so haven't been able to get my handbag-obsessed little self over to Rue Cambon to check out the collection in the flesh, but the adorable people of Fauré Le Page sent me pictures of all the collection and colours and were willing to address all my questions on email, before shipping my new work tote to London. Happy me? You bet!

What's next on my list? The little revolver pouch and maybe one of their little Papillon bags... Life's too short to only own one of these little marvels!

Find out more: http://faurelepage.com/.


Bourbon & Pearls said...

That is utterly stunning, I love the Art Deco pattern on the bag.

Daisy said...

Love this post. Love these bags. Thanks for sharing.

LittleS said...

Ladies thanks for your comments! I'm gad you like it! xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Last March saw this shop in Paris and thought these bags looks nice, didn't have the chance to go inside as we were heading to Chanel...and had forgotten about! Will definetely have a good look in the near future!

LittleS said...

Lena honestly the bags are so cool and really wearable at the same time, you must check it out! xoxo

Luxury addicted said...

Seriously girls?! The design is between and LV shape and a Goyard inspired look....nothing really new.It's a pity a House with seach history is not able to have more creativity on their products and try to do something different.

LittleS said...

Hi Luxury Addicted, I think you're being unfair. Faure Le Page does have some pretty unique shapes and designs, it's just that their more special bags are less my style. For work I very much prefer a classic tote shape, is all. The brand I personally find to be pretty creative and different.