It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

As the Summer is drawing to an end, I realise that my fashion confessions have been rather scarce lately... in fact I haven't confessed about my latest fashion crushes in over two months! Trust me, this doesn't mean I haven't indulged in my favourite hobby, it's just that Summer has been very busy, between work, holidays and a few week-end aways...

With the new season almost upon us (yes I know that in the magical world of fashion and celebrities it's started about four months ago, but for us mere mortals I think September is the right time to start transitioning your wardrobe...), I've been stocking up lately... To be honest I'm not that inspired by the whole pink coat trend, though I'm sure it would work quite well with a grey outfit I can't think of many other colours it might complement. But let me think that one through, you might see me sport a soft pink coat in a few months, let's not rule it out just yet.

As a girl (yes, I'm not sure either if I'm still allowed to call myself a girl at my quickly advancing age...) who always thinks an outfit from the shoes up, it's natural that I've been buying quite a few, a lot of in fact, shoes lately. I was determined to try a few of Charlotte Olympia's new collection pieces a couple of weeks ago, but in the end I settled on a classic pair from her Encore collection. Funnily enough there was another customer there at the same time, and we were trying exactly the same pairs, to finally declare this was our favourite one... it felt a bit like meeting my style twin.

Back to the shoes,... they are absolutely fabulous, with a little hidden platform that makes the sky-high heel far more bearable than you'd originally believe. And the print is so sassy... I can't get over looking at them and I'm so looking forward wearing them! Yes, I do realise I might have a teeny fetish issue, but who hasn't when it comes to gorgeous footwear?

Find them at the Charlotte Olympia boutique at 56 Maddox Street or on the website: Alice shoe boot by Charlotte Olympia.

Can't get to Maddox Street? Check out selected stockists of Charlotte Olympia online:
- Harrods

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