It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

As you've probably noticed by now, I don't really practice the classic penguin suit in the office, even though I work in quite a conservative industry... I rarely wear classic suits, because I find them boring and they remind me of an uniform. There is nothing unique or fun about suits.

However, as the years go by, I am spending more and more time in client meetings, which means that I have to try to look a bit smarter, less quirky than my natural style would like.

Enter... the wonderful brand that is Maison Scotch. That's where I've been turning to lately for cool takes on the traditional box jacket. Think Isabel Marant, but in a much much more affordable price range (which basically means I can get a couple each season, instead of one every few seasons!).

This season's winner is this Chanel-evoking little piece, in black and blue checkered bouclé, which I like because I have a thing for blue and navy lately. And I'm a big fan of black and navy as a colour mix (originally launched by Yves Saint Lauret, did you know?). Watch this space for modelling posts over the season!

Find it here: Parisian Inspired Blazer by Maison Scotch.


Charlotte said...

ooh, I really like that jacket and am looking forward to seeing how you style it. How is the quality? Is it more like a zara or a gerard darel? thx x

LittleS said...

Hi Charlotte, I personally find Maison Scotch jackets to be of as high quality as Iro, and the details are amazing. xoxo. S

Charlotte said...

Thanks very much! x