Happy Halloween

Happy pumpkin, chocolates and candy day everyone! Here is a picture of Little Monsieur at the pumpkin patch at the week-end, we had amazing pumpkins carved by Hubby Dearest and a very successful trick-or-treat session.

It's one of the lovely thing about our neighbourhood, the streets are lined with houses and the children go from door to door filling their goodie bags. Little Monsieur went for the first time this year, although I did forget to order him a little orange bucket and he did go round with a little Bendel's bag (not that he minded, though...)

He had a new owl costume made of a beautiful feathery cape and little mask, but having worn it last week at his nursery's party, at the last minute he decided he wanted to wear his Max outfit from last year, and so he did. So little and so opinionated!

I hope you enjoy this magical and spooky night as much as we did. xx

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