It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Sound the alarm! The other day I noticed a gaping hole in my wardrobe. Yes, I know it sounds a bit comical for a self-confessed fashionista to suddenly discover that there is an essential piece missing in her clothes, but I swear it's true. Let me explain.

When I looked at my Winter wardrobe after Hubby Dearest helped me on the dreaded switch-over, there were a couple of black tops, but each seemed to have a flaw: faded black fabric, see-through (no no no!!), weird random shape (what made me buy it in the first place?) etc. Time for a purge.

Alas, once that was done, I quickly had to replace as black is such a classic part of my day-to-day wardrobe. I bought a couple of tops during my Boston trip, but yesterday I stumbled upon the ultimate boho blouse that will make week-end dressing so easy. It's by Pyrus London, a brand I've long loved for its fabulous blouses (this is my fourth blouse by Pyrus... I'm quite a fan).

It looks really cool with the tiny embroidered holes which don't make it see-through, they just make it interesting and sexy. So there you have it: how I replaced one big hole by a blouse with lots of little ones...

Buy it here: Black blouse, Pyrus.


Charlotte said...

Just a warning on this one... I bought it navy a couple of months ago from Trilogy and the threading around the holes started fraying after 1 wear. Trilogy took it back no questions... and actually told me that they were going to return all of their stock becuase they noticed it was a problem on the whole lot. I was disappointed because I loved it.
Hopefully yours is from a different batch and does better!

Longuette said...

that's made me laugh....
I have been invited to a night club this Saturday and then realised that my wardrobe missed something appropiate for the dancefloor!!!
and no time for shopping :-(

LittleS said...

@Charlotte, thanks for the heads up, I'll let you know how I get on with this one. xxx

@Longuette, I knew I wasn't alone with wardrobe holes! xo