Wednesday's beauty essential: Chanel's Autumn 2013 Mysterious make-up

In my fantasy life, I am blessed with a fabulous entourage composed of at least one super efficient personal assistant, a hairdresser on demand to create Rapunzel-worthy looks, and of course a gifted magician make-up artist to transform my pale sleepy face into a beautiful picture with barely there make-up for all to admire (don't sneer at the back, I don't need a cosmetic surgeon for that, yet!)

Back in reality... I have no personal assistant, there is a hairdresser on demand under my office but I don't have time to visit for a daily blow-dry, and I most definitely don't have a make-up artist around. Instead, I go around the world collecting fabulous products that help with the whole transformation business. With the years, I've learned which products and brands work for me, and which ones to avoid.

I love Chanel make-up, especially the Quadra eye palettes: four complementary colours to create the perfect eye look, all with a stay power to outlast the most boring of conference calls filled day! I had been looking for the perfect taupish cum olive greenish grey palette, and after years of looking the good gods of Chanel heard me and launched the Mystere palette. I bought it last week at the Athens airport... Instant gratification at the end of a long day, I guess, but I love it!

I also couldn't resist the dark army green mixed with grey appeal of the Mysterious nail polish, and can't wait to try it out on my newly grown almond nails (it's the shape to sport this season, didn't you know?)

Tell me? Are you ready for some mystery in your life? Think so? Then check out these two products here:
Chanel Mystere - 4 Ombres
Chanel Mysterious - Vernis


Coulda shoulda woulda said...

They are so good at formulating special nail colors that they really need to start a paint range.

LittleS said...

I agree!

A Little Slice Of said...

I'd love a hair stylist on hand too. I can do my hair once it's dry but I hate blow drying so just let it try naturally. I've tried to convince the the boy in my life to dry it (he won't).

I love Chanel make-up. I wear the Vitalumiere foundation daily and the Perfection Lumiere for night. I also have their make-up brushes, but I don't use them (I don't know how) so I just keep them in a little holder in the bathroom because I'm sad like that. Maybe I need a make-up artist too...or at least someone to show me how to use my brushes!!