It's time for the Sunday fashion confession

Having waited three decades to find a workout routine that I not only enjoy but also am slightly addicted to (I know, astounding...) in Heartcore's Pilates and Xtend Barre classes, it's no wonder that I'm keen not to slow down my good work as the Autumn chill settles in. I still try to fit a class whenever my schedule allows, from workday evenings to early Sunday mornings, anything to try and tick my three classes a week quota. The thing is, it's getting really cold and I hate wearing city coats over my workout clothes, so I've been looking for a light jacket to put on windy days on my way out of class.

Of course I've lusted over the jackets in the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection, but really I can't justify spending so much for something that I only wear to the studio. I was determined not to spend over £60 but I needed something which looked nice and felt super comfy... so as you can imagine I've been looking for quite a while. Until... ta-dah!

I stumbled upon Uniqlo's Women's Ultra Light Down collection a bit by chance, and was very lucky to snatch up one of the last collarless jackets in light grey in medium... it's not only super light, it's also perfectly warm and insulated to keep me from catching a cold after a sweaty class. There are also longer parkas and a couple of sleeveless gilets for the runners out there, but I loved this little boxy cut. 

There are loads of colours to choose from, and it was a very close call between the grey and the purple, but in the end my favourite neutral won. At less than £50, to be honest, it's quite tempting to grab a couple of colours... especially as this jacket also works well as a middle layer for an off-duty outfit. Maybe cream?

Happy Sunday dear friends! xxx


Julian.F said...

Oh, Uniqlo is a total addiction! Once you start, you can't stop with just one.

I had the same thing with their silk pieces...just one turned into nine and I'm not even close to finished.

Uniqlo tops are surprisingly well made, a great value for price and so functional (plus these ultra light down jackets fold up perfectly for travel - ideal when going between drastic temperature ranges). As you say, it's a perfect mid layer and for the price it's very tempting to get a range of colors. Natural is very pretty, and of course there is brown (it's actually quite a beautiful milk chocolaty colour...).

Either way, great choice!

LittleS said...

I totally agree, the brown one is also gorgeous... and the little pouch they come in makes them so practical. xx